ViennaBeta.2809.20120423 - crash while using internal browser #44

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I've seen this 3 times now, the offsets all look fairly similar in the stack traces but I'll include all 3 just in case. Each time I was using the internal browser when it crashed.


Just had another crash, this time it corrupted my DB. I have a feed with 30 unread items, it refreshes fine (and even picks up new items, increasing the unread count) but when I click on it or the unread items filter the list is blank. Clicking on other feeds displays the items as expected.

When it crashed, I had just loaded Vienna and opened an unread item in the browser before it had finished refreshing the feed (it's a very slow feed).


Interestingly I rolled back my entire "~/Library/Application Support/Vienna" folder to a time machine backup from last week, and I still can't see any new articles in that feed (but I can in others). I wonder if that's caused by something else in this build.

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@barijaona barijaona Should fix issue #44
Should prevent crashes reported at ViennaRSS#44
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I've started running Vienna directly from the master branch in XCode to get a better idea of where the problems are - the crash I reported is definitely fixed now, thanks, but there's a new one that again only seems to crop up when I leave the internal browser open as the active tab.

XCode stopped on ArticleListView.m line 812 (the selectedArticle function) with EXC_BAD_ACCESS. In the console output is a stack trace from right before it happened:

2012-05-17 11:33:42.160 ViennaBeta45656:903

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