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- Fix unwanted scrolls in Unified layout

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! OS X 10.8 or better only !
- Replace our "in house" database queue with FMDatabaseQueue and reorganize access
- Use view based NSTableView for unified layout (instead of PXListView)
- Replace JSONKit with NSJSONSerialization
- Replace XMLParser with NSXMLDocument/NSXMLNode
- Replace other deprecated functions / Miscellaneous refactoring

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- More consistent response to keyboard shortcuts when the user switch…
…es to primary tab

- Add support for handling http/https (allows dragging links into Vienna's Dock icon)
- Change internal browser’s user agent string to be more Safari like
- Fix indexation problems in help files

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- Fix a problem with duplicate folders when starting with a fresh dat…

- Removed from the list of default feeds when starting with a fresh database
- Distribution of Vienna binaries is now done mainly through instead of

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- Add identification of the application as required by Inoreader
- When encountering a 301 HTTP response code, check if the permanent character of the redirection is OK before updating the database
- Handle Enter or Return keys in Articles tab by opening the current article
- Add an option in Preferences to follow beta versions of Vienna updates

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- Add option to enable/disable Webkit plugins (including Flash)
- Code reorganization : use of Cocoapod for dependancies

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- Fix problems with preferences dialog on OS X < 10.10
- Fix small localization issues

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- Handles dragging and dropping of .webloc files
- More accessible Preferences window
- Fix a synchronization issue with InoReader
- Various adaptations in development/building environment
- Fix various localization issues

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- Fix a crash
- Parse RSS feeds having `rss:title`, `rss:link`, `rss:description`, `rss:items` and `rss:item` tags instead of the standard `title`, `link`, `description`, `items` and `item`
- Fix diverse localization issues

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