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- Add option to enable/disable Webkit plugins (including Flash)
- Code reorganization : use of Cocoapod for dependancies

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- Fix problems with preferences dialog on OS X < 10.10
- Fix small localization issues

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- Handles dragging and dropping of .webloc files
- More accessible Preferences window
- Fix a synchronization issue with InoReader
- Various adaptations in development/building environment
- Fix various localization issues

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- Fix a crash
- Parse RSS feeds having `rss:title`, `rss:link`, `rss:description`, `rss:items` and `rss:item` tags instead of the standard `title`, `link`, `description`, `items` and `item`
- Fix diverse localization issues

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- New style : Classy (contributed by user PMP on cocoaforge)
- Fix some crashes when sharing a link on Google+
- Improved management of animations in folders list

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- Fix repeating articles problem on some feeds with repeating GUIDs (…
…notably Netflix)

- Fix some overly aggressive URL escaping
- Fix column order and dimensions not being remembered in article list
- Fix visual glitches with some feeds in article list

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- Follow-up on crash : disable assertions for deployment config

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3.0.0 rc 6
- Handles multiple authors
- Adaptations for OS X Yosemite (10.10)
- Fixed some crashes
- Ask the user if she/he wants to send (anonymous) system configuration informations to Vienna developers
- Localization and help files improvements (English, French, Danish)
- Fixed a problem with video sounds still playing after the tab was closed
- Fixed panes dimensions inside the main window
- Changed code for subscribing, especially for subscription to local files
- Start implementing a test suite
- Built on OS X Yosemite SDK (for running, requirements are limited to OS X Snow Leopard or better)

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- Improved stability
- Solves a bug where articles' read/unread situation was not currently reflected in the article list

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