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@@ -122,18 +122,12 @@ The controller supports "elasticity": when you pan the center view "over" one of
Of course, you can turn this behavior off. Just set `elasticity = NO` when loading the controller and you're set.
-## rotation
-The controller fully supports view rotation. If the center controller is set, it will control the possible interface rotation. If no center controller is set, all interface rotations are allowed.
When rotating, the controller will move the open center views to the correct location: the ledge will be the same before and after rotation (this means a different part of the underlying side view will be exposed). You can control this behavior through the `sizeMode` property. You can use one of the following values:
typdef enum {
IIViewDeckLedgeSizeMode, // when rotating, the ledge sizes are kept (side views are more/less visible)
IIViewDeckViewSizeMode // when rotating, the size view sizes are kept (ledges change)
} IIViewDeckSizeMode;
The default is `IIViewDeckLedgeSizeMode`, which keeps the sizes of the defined ledges the same when rotating.
## panning
It is possible to control the panning behavior a bit. Set the `panningMode` on the controller to achieve 3 different modes:

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