Interactive Repl Over Neovim
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Interactive Repls Over Neovim

Lua porting build status


Important notice!

Python support is frozen as of ead377f and will be kept in a legacy branch after migration ends. After this commit, python code is considered legacy and soon-to-be removed.

Migrating to lua will allow things to be easier to hack and maintain. It will solve sync/async issues and will allow a much easier to extend and maintain system.

Feel free to open issues or pull requests if the migration path is unclear, missing something or dropping a feature you rely on.

Also, feel free to contribute with ideas.

Support iron.nvim

Support iron.nvim development by sending me some bitcoins at 1Dnb3onNAc4XK4FL8cp7NAQ2NFspTZLNRi. Cheers!

Lua roadmap

  • Creating REPLs with lua
  • Sending data to REPLs
  • User-defined REPL configuration
  • Focus on repl
  • Debug
  • Migration of python definitions to lua
    • Custom checkers to select repl
  • VimL counterpart (commands and functions)
  • Documentation

Lua Usage

if you want to use the iron features directly instead of using the VimL counterpart (not implemented yet), below follows the list of public lua functions:

local iron = require("iron")

Creates a repl for given FT, or focuses on it if already exists
`ft` is a valid file type

Focuses on existing repl for ft
`ft` is a valid file type

Sets a configuration based on provided table.
`config` is a valid table containing configuration

  preferred = {
    python = "ipython"
  repl_open_cmd = "rightbelow 20 split"

Adds a list of repl definitions for provided fts.
`defns` is a valid table containing repl definitions

  python = {
    mycustom = {
      command = {"mycmd"}

Sends a motion for iron to capture the text and send to the repl.
`tp` can be "visual", "block" or "line"


Dropped features

  • Repl specific bindings (IronSendSpecial)
    • This increased the complexity of the python implementation by some extent.
    • It can depend on user configuration/installed plugins
    • can provide similar feature in the future
  • IronPromptRepl/IronPromptCommand
    • trex.nvim provides TrexInvoke, which allows ft to be passed;
      • If prompting is required, it can be chained to that command.
    • Iron might end up providing a command, but lua require("iron").core.repl_for(<ft>) does the trick;
    • Same thing can be accomplished for the underlying repl command, though trickier:
      -- create this file in your ~/.config/nvim/ as iron.lua
      -- in your init.vim, run `luafile $HOME/.config/nvim/iron.lua`
      local iron = require("iron")
      _G.create_repl = function(ft, command, tp)
        local repl_definition = {
          command = command,
          type = tp or 'bracketed'
        return iron.ll.create_new_repl(ft, repl_definition)
      vim.api.nvim_command([[command! -nargs=+ PromptMyRepl lua create_repl(&ft, <f-args>)]])