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Improve the user interface for the windows the bots are working in:

+ Fix a bug that caused the column containing the web browser windows opened by bots to become smaller when a bot closes and opens a new window.
+ Fix reset player window IDs counter: Remove the dependency of IDs for windows opened by the bot on the number of windows opened in previous sessions: Reset the whole container for all windows.
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How to Install the BotLab Client and Register the botlab Command

When you land here, you might have tried to use the botlab program in some form. Maybe you downloaded a script from the bot catalog, and got this error message when running the script:

I failed to run the bot because I did not find the 'botlab.exe' program.

Or maybe you followed instructions to run a command in Windows and got an error message like this:

'botlab' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

The BotLab client program is a tool for developing and running bots, and many guides assume it is registered on your Windows system. To make these guides and scripts work, follow these steps:

BotLab client offers to install

  • To start the installation/registration, use the button labeled Install and Continue.
  • The program then confirms the successful installation with a new output like this:

BotLab client completed installation

That's it; the installation is complete. Now you can run bot configurations and scripts from the botlab catalog

If you have any questions, the BotLab forum is a good place to learn more.

Using Different Versions Simultaneously

As the evolution of functionality in BotLab continues, multiple new versions of the BotLab client are offered each year. Sometimes, you might want to simultaneously use different client software versions on the same Windows system.

To do this, place each of the versions you want to use in a separate directory in the file system. You don't have to use the installation to run bots. If you don't want to register the current instance as 'botlab.exe' on the whole Windows user account, use the 'Continue without installing' option. You can also rename the executable file and then use the installation to register multiple different versions on the whole Windows user account.

Scripts from the configuration export or catalog assume the name botlab.exe by default. If you renamed the executable file on your system, change the script accordingly.