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Metro UI for Rails 3.1 Asset Pipeline
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Metro UI for Rails 3.1 Asset Pipeline

This gem integrates Metro-UI-CSS toolkit into Rails 3.1 Asset Pipeline.

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Add these lines to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'therubyracer'
gem 'metro-ui-rails'

And then execute in command line:

$ bundle

Installing to Rails project:

Run rails generator:

rails generate metro:install

Or install it manually

Require metro-ui/metro.less in your application.less:

@import 'metro-ui/modern.less';
@import 'metro-ui/modern-responsive.less'; // for responsive design

And then require metro-ui in your js or coffee application file:

#= require metro-ui

Layout generator

You can generate Metro UI compatible .erb layout.


rails generate metro:layout [LAYOUT_NAME]


rails generate metro:layout application


This project only integrates Metro-UI-CSS, thus all credits go to Sergey Pimenov, see his license.

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