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Audio Implementation Tools for FMOD and Unity
MIT License
Copyright 2022, Ville Ojala

A synergistic set of audio implementation tools for the interface of Unity game engine and FMOD audio middleware.

  • Assorted triggering, playback and randomization features
  • Integration with various Unity subsystems (Timeline, Animator, Animation Clips etc.)
  • Ambience area system for implementing seamless door transitions and large sound sources
  • Reverb zone system with blend areas
  • Third person footstep system (no animation keyframe tagging required)
  • Surface tagging and detection system (both mesh and Terrain texture -based)
  • Voiceover system with dialogue queuing and pacing tools
  • Room-portal -based sound occlusion system
  • Raycast-based obstruction

User Guide

Third party dependencies:

  • FMOD version: 2.02.09 (Unity verified)
  • Tested in Unity version: 2021.3.7f1 (LTS)