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Source code from Drew Neil's introduction to vspec.
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This repository contains the code used to demonstrate vspec at the February 2013 Vim London meetup. Look at the commit history to see how the code evolved. You can find links to snapshots of the project at significant milestones below. The compare changes links let you compare each snapshot with the previous one.

Don't install this plugin! The code is provided as a learning resource. If you want to use the :DocOpen command, go and get the real version of the DocOpen plugin.


  • clone this repo
  • run bundle install
  • to run tests, run rake test


The starting point for this demonstration was all set to run vspec tests. To replicate this setup, follow Kana's instructions.


Specify and implement the RawUrl() function. Compare changes


Specify and implement the GetFilename() function. Compare changes


Specify and implement the GetHelptag() function. Compare changes


Specify and implement the OpenDocumentation() function. Compare changes


Specify and implement the :DocOpen command. Compare changes

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