Responsive, simple, clean and content-focused Hugo theme based on the MH Magazine lite WordPress theme
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Mainroad is a responsive, simple, clean and content-focused Hugo theme based on the MH Magazine lite WordPress theme by MH Themes.

Demo (Best) | Standart Demo



  • Hugo internal templates (Open Graph, Twitter Cards, Disqus, Google Analytics)
  • Responsive menu
  • SVG icons
  • Theme options (Sidebar position, Author Box, Post Navigation) available through config.toml file parameters
  • Table of Contents
  • MathJax

Browser support:

  • Desktop: IE10+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • Mobile: Android browser (on Android 4.4+), Safari (on iOS 7+), Google Chrome, Opera mini

Other browsers (like Opera on Blink engine) are also supported, but not tested. Support for older versions of Internet Explorer (IE9 and below) ended.


In your Hugo site themes directory, run:

$ git clone

Next, open config.toml in the base of the Hugo site and ensure the theme option is set to mainroad:

theme = "mainroad"

For more information read the official setup guide of Hugo.


Config.toml example

baseurl = "/"
title = "Mainroad"
languageCode = "en-us"
paginate = "10" # Number of posts per page
theme = "mainroad"
disqusShortname = "" # Enable comments by entering your Disqus shortname
googleAnalytics = "" # Enable Google Analytics by entering your tracking id

[Author] # Used in authorbox
    name = "John Doe"
    bio = "John Doe's true identity is unknown. Maybe he is a successful blogger or writer. Nobody knows it."
    avatar = "img/avatar.png"

    subtitle = "Just another site" # Subtitle of your site. Used in site header
    description = " John Doe's Personal blog about everything" # Site description. Used in meta description
    opengraph = true # Enable OpenGraph if true
    twitter_cards = true # Enable Twitter Cards if true
    readmore = false # Show "Read more" button in list if true
    leftsidebar = false # Move sidebar to the left side if true
    authorbox = true # Show authorbox at bottom of pages if true
    toc = true # Enable Table of Contents
    post_navigation = true # Show post navigation at bottom of pages if true
    postSections = ["post"] # the section pages to show on home page and the "Recent articles" widget
    #postSections = ["blog", "news"] # alternative that shows more than one section's pages
    #dateformat = "2006-01-02" # change the format of dates
    #mathjax: true # Enable MathJax
    #mathjaxPath: "" # Specify MathJax path
    #mathjaxConfig: "TeX-AMS-MML_HTMLorMML" # Specify MathJax config

    search = true # Enable "Search" widget
    recent_articles = true # Enable "Recent articles" widget
    recent_articles_num = 5 # Set the number of articles in the "Recent articles" widget
    categories = true # Enable "Categories" widget
    tags = true # Enable "Tags" widget
    tags_counter = false # Enable counter for each tag in "Tags" widget (disabled by default)

    # Enable "Social" widget, if any of "social_*" set a value
    social_facebook = "username"
    social_twitter = "username"
    social_linkedin = "username"
    social_github = "username"
    social_email = ""
    social_google_plus = "profileid"

Front Matter example

title: "Example article title"
date: "2017-08-21"
description: "Example article description"
thumbnail: "img/placeholder.jpg" # Optional, thumbnail
disable_comments: false # Optional, disable Disqus comments if true
authorbox: true # Optional, enable authorbox for specific post
toc: true # Optional, enable Table of Contents for specific post
mathjax: true # Optional, enable MathJax for specific post
  - "Category 1"
  - "Category 2"
  - "Test"
  - "Another test"

For more information about front matter variables read Hugo Front Matter from Hugo official documentation.


Have you found a bug or got an idea for a new feature? Feel free to use the issue tracker to let me know. Or make directly a pull request, but please respect the following contributing guide.


This theme is released under the GPLv2 license.