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Vietnamese language pack for phpBB.
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phpBB iVN

Vietnamese language pack for phpBB. phpBB iVN means "phpBB in Vietnamese".

In Process

3,553 / 5,918 translated language strings [60%]

On waiting, you can download Vietnamese language pack for phpBB 3.2.x, with CLASSIC-TRANSLATION-STYLE, from the old SourceForge page.


The first version of phpBB iVN was released on 28 June 2006, one week after the release of phpBB 3.0 Beta 1. Along the phpBB way, phpBB iVN always to be updated to present, for the 3.1 branch.

But we must do everything better than yesterday. phpBB iVN will be re-translated completely from the zero, brings you the better experience.

Thanks for reading! See you on the Rhea :)


  • iVN.docx (Word): Translation rules and the long story of Vietnamese language.
  • iVN.xlsx (Excel): Dictionary and common phrases.

These documents are also applied to phpBB iVN+.


  • ivn: iVN Toolkit, export, sort language keys and re-format them.
  • png: PNG source for images in prosilver. Adobe Fireworks is required.

Use iVN Toolkit

  • Run ?mode=export&item=phpbb to sort phpBB language keys by the alphabet order. This tool is also format code blocks: adjust prepend tabs before each nested arrays, append tabs before each => to look them so tidy. The line-endings are converted into UNIX format, as well as remove all unnecessary line breaks.
  • Run ?mode=export&item=ext to apply to the language keys of phpBB extensions.
  • Run ?mode=export&item=mybb to apply to MyBB.
  • Run ?mode=export&item= with xf (XenForo), ips (IPS), vbb (vBulletin) and wbb (Woltlab) to export XML language files without installing.
  • Order to compare XML files which are exported from Admin tools, put these XML files into sortxml directory and run ?mode=sortxml before comparing.
  • Run ?mode=stopword to build the stop word list from .txt files which are put in the stopword directory.
  • Run ?mode=report to view our working process.
  • Run ?mode=update to check for new forum software updates.
  • Run ?mode=updatext to check for new phpBB extension updates.

Use iVN Functions

Once included functions_vietnamese.php, we can:

  • Format Vietnamese people names:
    • $text = ivn_format_people_name($text);
    • NgUYỄn VÔ danh -> Nguyễn Vô Danh.
  • Remove all Vietnamese accents:
    • $text = ivn_convert_accent($text, 'remove');
    • Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh -> Thanh pho Ho Chi Minh.
  • Convert characters with accents into NCR Decimal for out-dated browsers.
    • $text = ivn_convert_accent($text, 'ncr_decimal');
    • Việt Nam -> Việt Nam.
  • Convert characters with accents into ASCII symbols.
    • Using extended ASCII codes:
      • $text = ivn_convert_accent($text, 'ascii');
      • Hãy đến Việt Nam! -> Ha˜y ðê´n Viê·t Nam!.
    • Using only standard keycaps:
      • $text = ivn_convert_accent($text, 'ascii_kb');
      • Hãy đến Việt Nam! -> Ha~y d+e^'n Vie^.t Nam!.
  • Correct wrong accent placements:
    • All problems:
      • $text = ivn_fix_accent($text);
      • Muôí hoà tan trong nứơc -> Muối hòa tan trong nước.
    • Skip differences between the "new method" and the classic one:
      • $text = ivn_fix_accent($text, false);
      • Muôí hoà tan trong nứơc -> Muối hoà tan trong nước.
  • Correct wrong cases between i and y:
    • $text = ivn_fix_i_or_y($text);
    • INPUT: Quí khách tên Thi, sinh năm Kỉ Tị, có số làm tỉ phú khiến người khác ghen tị.
    • OUTPUT: Quý khách tên Thi, sinh năm Kỷ Tỵ, có số làm tỉ phú khiến người khác ghen tỵ..
  • Sorting Vietnamese words:
    • ivn_sort($array);
    • Change accent order by your way: $ivn_config['accent_order'] = 'a|á|à|ả|ã|ạ'
    • INPUT:
      • Ă
      • A
      • Â
      • À
      • Á
    • OUTPUT:
      • A
      • Á
      • À
      • Ă
      • Â
  • Sorting Vietnamese people names:
    • $array = ivn_sort_people_name($array);
    • INPUT:
      • Nguyễn Văn Đảnh
      • Nguyễn VĂN Đàn
      • nguYỄn Văn Đàng
      • NGUYỄN Văn Đang
      • nguyễn anh đang
    • OUTPUT:
      • Nguyễn Anh Đang
      • Nguyễn Văn Đang
      • Nguyễn Văn Đàn
      • Nguyễn Văn Đàng
      • Nguyễn Văn Đảnh
  • Write something as teen-code: (Random result every time you refresh)
    • $text = ivn_crazy_text($text);
    • Đố ai đọc được 247 chữ này? -> Ӭố äï ðọȼ ðŭợċ ƻԿԴ čħữ ňàƴ?.
  • Place accent into a single word:
    • By the classic method (Recommended):
      • $word = ivn_place_accent($word, $accent_code);
      • ivn_place_accent('Thuy', 1); -> Thúy.
    • By the new method (Invalid by iVN rules):
      • $word = ivn_place_accent($word, $accent_code, true);
      • ivn_place_accent('Thuy', 1, true); -> Thuý.
  • Scan and detect incorrect words in Vietnamese:
    • Find incorrect words:
      • $array = ivn_scan_words($text);
      • INPUT: Xứ Wales thắng đậm Nga, đi tiếp với ngôi nhất bảng B.
      • OUTPUT: Array([0] => Wales).
    • Otherwise, get correct words:
      • $array = ivn_scan_words($text, false);
      • INPUT: Xứ Wales thắng đậm Nga, đi tiếp với ngôi nhất bảng B.
      • OUTPUT: Array([0] => Xứ [1] => thắng [2] => đậm [3] => Nga [4] => đi [5] => tiếp [6] => với [7] => ngôi [8] => nhất [9] => bảng [10] => B).
  • Print out the way to speak a Vietnamese text:
    • $text = ivn_how_to_read($text);
    • INPUT: $text = ivn_how_to_read('đánh vần');.
    • OUTPUT: a nhờ anh, đờ anh đanh sắc /đánh/; ớ nờ ân, vờ ân vân huyền /vần/; /đánh vần/.