some little 3dsMax scripts
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3dsMax scripts

Some little 3dsMax scripts

How to use

Usually, you just have to :

  • copy the .ms file on 3dsmax_folder\scripts,
  • run the script via MAXScript menu >> Run Script...
  • find the category "Vinc3rz tools" in the customize menu (Customize menu >> Customize user interface)



Copy coordinates from an object to an other.


Reset pivot, transforms, scale and xform of editpoly. Save your file before using it!, if a mesh is broken, it will explode and no CTRL Z is possible.


When you want lock an object like a camera, you must check each box on the hierarchy > link info Same thing when you want to unlock. This script automatically do it for all entries.


One-click-apply a box mapping with the same value on lenght, width and height.


Easy select reference objects.


One-click weld at a default value of 0,001.

Useless scripts since some 3dsMax updates


useless since 3dsMax 2013 Show the Isolate Selection dialog on the top-left rather than smack-dab in the middle of the viewport. Replace original Isolate Selection in menus and shortcuts.


useless since 3dsMax 2013 Allow to easily remove a background image assigned to the viewport (alt +b key) (by default in 3dsMax, you can only check/unchek "display background").