BCDiploma aims to set a new standard for on-chain registers to access certified data
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BCDiploma feat. EvidenZ framework repository


BCDiploma develops a solution for blockchain-based certification of certificates, thanks to its original framework, EvidenZ, to create the new world certification standard.

EvidenZ provides an innovative technical approach: certify the significant data instead of the document itself. This major innovation allows a large number of application fields.

As the first instance of use, BCDiploma develops a turnkey application for higher education institutions, and provides the graduate with a unique URL link: over his entire life, he will be able to prove the authenticity of his diploma in a single click.



EvidenZ is a generic framework allowing the certification of any type of certificate, of which BCDiploma is the first use case. Technical overview on https://www.EvidenZ.io.

Technical advantages

BCDiploma stands out from all other blockchain players thanks to an innovative technical approach: certify the significant data instead of the documents.

  • Immutability of the blockchain;
  • Decentralised storage of data;
  • Certification of data and their issuers through smart contract;
  • Respecting personal data (GPRD);
  • Public blockchain compatibility
  • Portability to other blockchain ensured "by design";
  • Customised UX and design for each certification.

Open Source

To ensure the durability of the solution for users, the EvidenZ framwork is Opensource. Combined with the transparency of a public blockchain, EvidenZ's opensource smart contracts and DApps allow BCDiploma customers to deploy the solution by themselves.

In order to protect EvidenZ's technological innovation, 2 initiatives are currently underway:

  • A utility patent for the solution in USA has been deposited (September 2018);
  • Most of the sources are stored in a private Gitlab repository, and accessible only on request by BCDiploma customers.

Nevertheless, these sources may be transmitted under NDA to external auditors, at the sole discretion of Blockchain Certified Data SAS.

A tokenized ecosystem

In the heart of EvidenZ is the BCDT token, an utility token to "reload" the "Number of certifications to be issued" of a school or company. The value created by BCD will be measured proportionally to the volume of on-chain data issued by the institutions. More informations on BCDT here: https://medium.com/bcdiploma/bcdt-token-precious-like-your-diploma-e527896b1f07