This class creates and maintains progress bars to be printed to the console.
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PHP Console Progress Bar

This class creates and maintains progress bars to be printed to the console. This file is a replica of the ezComponents console progress bar class (@link allows a developer to just use the console progress bar features without the rest of the classes saving all the extra files and classes.

Available Options

  • barChar: Processed progress bar char (Default '=')
  • emptyChar: Empty progress bar char (Default '-')
  • formatString: Progress bar formatted line that actually displays the processed number, step count, total count, percentage etc.. (Default '%act% / %max% [%bar%] %fraction%%')
  • fractionFormat: Progress bar fraction format (Default '%01.2f')
  • progressChar: Progress bar progress leading char (Default '>')
  • redrawFrequency: Redraw/Update the progress bar every X step(s) (Default: 1)
  • step: Progress bar each advance call will advance X step(s) (Default: 1)
  • width: Progress bar width (Default 100)
  • actFormat: Progress bar current step format (Default '%.0f')
  • maxFormat: Progress bar maximum step format (Default '%.0f')
  • max: Progress bar maximum value (When it reaches 100%) (Default 100)

Example Usage:

// initiate the class with the maximum value being 100
$progress = new ConsoleProgressBar(100);

	Setting options are done using one of the following:
	$progress = new ConsoleProgressBar(100, array('step' => 5, 'barChar' => '+'));
	$progress->setOptions(array('step' => 5, 'barChar' => '+'));
	$progress->setOptions('step', 5);
	$progress->options = array('step' => 5);

// Start the progress bar before the actual actions are taken place
// This is just an example that's why a simple look is being used
// in real world this can be a db record set process or any other long operation that is being
// done via the cli
for ($i = 0; $i <= 100; $i++) {

	// Do the actual processing here
	// .....
	// .....
	// .....

	// Advance one step by default
	// you can pass a second argument $step which will advance that number of steps

    // For this example we will just sleep for a second

// Call finish at the end to make sure the bar goes to 100% if it didn't