Style Transfer as Optimal Transport
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Style Transfer as Optimal Transport

An algorithm that transfers the distribution of visual characteristics, or style, of a reference image onto a subject image via an Optimal Transport plan.


How it Works:

tl;dr - Passes a subject and style image through the convolution layers of the vgg19 network. Extracts probabalistic descriptions (first two moments) of the convolution filter activations. Calculates L2-Wasserstein distance between these probability distributions and then modifies the subject image optimally to minimize this distance.



  1. Python 3 (w/ NumPy and PIL)
  2. Tensorflow (tested w/ version 1.3)
  3. 'vgg_conv.npy' binary (115.5 MB) which contains calibrated convolution filters from vgg19 network. Can be downloaded here [md5sum: bf8a930fec201a0a2ade13d3f7274d0e]

Basic Usage from Command Line:

python --subject media/wave_small.jpg --style media/kngwa_small.jpg --output media/wave_kngwa.jpg --vggnet vgg_conv.npy


loss: 118,500,040.00
post clip | time: 49.0 final loss: 2,771,486.50
synthesized image saved: media/wave_kngwa.jpg