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Exercises for the book Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach
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AIMA Exercises

Aima exercises is an interactive and collaborative platform for digitalising the exercises of the book Artificial Intelligence: a modern approach by Stuart J. Russell and Peter Norvig.
Exercises for the book Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach. The idea is that in the fourth edition of the book, exercises will be online only (they will not appear in the book). This site will showcase the exercises, and will be a platform for students and teachers to add new exercises.
The new version of AIMA Exercises has following new added feature:

  1. New and attractive UI Design
  2. You can bookmark your favourite questions and see all bookmarked exercises in one place.
  3. Cross references have been fixed whereever needed.
  4. Disqus has been done away with as it made the User Experience poor by delaying the load time.
  5. Staticman Instance has been updated so as to take into account the new commenting system.
  6. Propose Questions feature has been added. You can now send in questions which may be added to the official AIMA Book.
  7. Moderators can now extract exercises as PDF/Latex files.

4th Edition of Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach will not have exercises. Infact the exercises will be available online on this platform for students to solve.

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