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(defun nilp (x)
(eq nil x))
(defun quotep (form)
(and (listp form)
(not (nilp form))
(equal 'quote (car form))))
(setf *matlab-macros* (tbl!))
(defmacro* defmatlab-macro (name args &body body)
(let ((actual-name (inter (format "%s-elab--" name))))
(defun* ,actual-name ,args ,@body)
(tbl! *matlab-macros* ',name ',actual-name))))
(defun matlab-macrop (symbol)
($ symbol in *matlab-macros*))
(defun expand-matlab-macro (form)
(let ((macro-name (tbl *matlab-macros* (car form)))
(macro-body (cdr form)))
(apply macro-name body)))
(defun sym->camel-case (s)
(let* ((parts (split-string (format "%s" s) "-"))
(parts (cons (car parts) (mapcar #'capitalize (cdr parts)))))
(apply #'concat parts)))
(sym->camel-case 'test-this)
(defun prognp (form)
(and (listp form)
(not (nilp form))
(equal (car form) 'progn)))
(defun elab-expand-progn (form)
(let ((parts (mapcar #'form->matlab (cdr form))))
(format "apply(@(varargin) varargin{end},%s)"
(join parts ", "))))
(elab-expand-progn '(progn 1 2 "a"))"apply(@(varargin) varargin{end},1, 2, 'a')"
(setq double-quote "\"")
(setq single-quote "'")
(defun form->matlab (form)
(cond ((numberp form) (format "%s" form))
((stringp form)
(concat single-quote (replace-regexp-in-string "'" "''" form) single-quote))
((symbolp form) (sym->camel-case form))
((listp form)
((nilp form) "[]")
((quotep form) "'%s'" (replace-regexp-in-string "'" "''" (form->matlab (cadr form))))
((matlab-macrop form)
(form->matlab (expand-matlab-macro form)))
(let ((f-name (sym->camel-case (car form)))
(args (join (mapcar #'form->matlab (cdr form)) ", ")))
(format "%s(%s)" f-name args)))))))
(form->matlab '(sin some-data 2))
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