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(require 'monads)
(require 'utils)
(defun get-options (options) (cdr options))
(defun options? (mb-options)
(and (listp mb-options)
(eq (car mb-options) 'Options)))
(defun list->options (lst)
(cons 'Options lst))
(defun options-bind (v f)
(let ((options (get-options v)))
(list->options (mapcat (comp #'get-options f) options))))
(defvar options-monad
(lex-lambda (v)
(list->options (list v))))
"Options monad - just window dressing on the list monad.")
(defun fpush (x stack) (cons x stack))
(defun fdrop (stack) (cdr stack))
(defun mfpush (mitems mstack)
(funcall (m-lift-into2 #'fpush options-monad) mitems mstack))
(defun mfdrop (mstack)
(funcall (m-lift-into1 #'fdrop options-monad) mstack))
(mfdrop (mfpush '(Options a b c) '(Options () (a) (a a))))
(domonad options-monad
[x '(Options 1 2 3)
y '(Options 4 5 6)]
(list x y))
(get-options '(Options a b c))
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