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(require 'lisp-parser)
(require 'functional)
(require 'with-stack)
(require 'stack-words)
(require 'multi-methods)
(provide 'microstack)
(defunc =microstack-symbol ()
"Parser for a microstack symbol, or a space (no-op)."
(=let* [_ (=or (letter)
(if _
(intern (concat (list _))) nil)))
(defunc =escaped-close-bracket ()
"Parse an escaped close bracket."
(=let* [_ (=string "\\]")]
(if _ ?\" nil)))
;; (defunc =bracketed-string ()
;; (=let* [_ (=char ?\[)
;; contents (zero-or-more (=or
;; (=escaped-close-bracket)
;; (=satisfies
;; (lex-lambda (c) (!= c ?\])))))
;; _ (=char ?\])]
;; (parse-and-translate-microstack (coerce (flatten contents) 'string))))
(defunc =single-quote-string ()
(=let* [_ (=char ?\')
contents (zero-or-more (=or
(lex-lambda (c) (!= c ?\')))))
_ (=char ?\')]
(coerce (flatten contents) 'string)))
(defun =microstack-string ()
(=or (=single-quote-string)
(defun =microstack-quote ()
(=let* [_ (=char ?\[)
contents (microstack-parser)
_ (=char ?\])]
(translate-microstack contents)))
(defun microstack-parser ()
"Parser for the microstack language."
(zero-or-more (=or
(defun parse-microstack (code)
"Parse the microstack language and return the results as a sequence of symbols, numbers, strings. Remove no-ops."
(f-not (cr #'eq (intern " ")))
(car (parse-string-det (microstack-parser) code))))
(defstackword delete-forward0
(backward-delete-char -1))
(defstackword delete-backward0
(backward-delete-char 1))
(defstackword delete-backward
(backward-delete-char (pop *stack*)))
(defstackword delete-forward
(backward-delete-char (- (pop *stack*))))
(defstackword insert (insert (pop *stack*)))
(defstackword microstack->quotation
(let ((str (pop *stack*)))
(push (translate-microstack (parse-microstack str)) *stack*)))
(defstackword do-n-times
(let ((n (pop *stack*))
(q (pop *stack*)))
(loop for i from 0 below n do
(|||- {q} call))))
(defstackword call-string
(|||- 1>intern 1>list call))
(defstackword string->quotation
(|||- 1>intern 1>list))
(defstackword kill-current-region
(|||- lisp-val: (point) lisp-val: (mark) 2>kill-region))
(defstackword char-at-point->string
(push (buffer-substring-no-properties (point) (+ 1 (point))) *stack*))
(defstackword loop-while
(let ((con (pop *stack*))
(qtn (pop *stack*)))
(loop do
(|||- {con} call)
while (pop *stack*)
(|||- {qtn} call))))
(defstackword loop-until
(let ((con (pop *stack*))
(qtn (pop *stack*)))
(loop do
(|||- {con} call)
while (not (pop *stack*))
(|||- {qtn} call))))
(defstackword loop-until-char
(|||- '(char-at-point->string 2>string=) curry loop-until))
(defstackword forward
(defstackword backward
(defstackword format
(let ((fmtstr (pop *stack*))
(rest (pop *stack*)))
(push (apply #'format (cons fmtstr rest)) *stack*)))
(defun move-dispatcher (object)
"Dispatch for generic motion."
(cond ((numberp object) :char)
((listp object) (car object))
(t nil)))
(defmulti move #'move-dispatcher "A generic motion function.")
(defunmethod move :char (movement)
(let ((n (if
(listp movement) (cadr movement)
(forward-char n)))
(defunmethod move :word (movement)
(forward-word (cadr movement)))
(defunmethod move :line (movement)
(forward-line (cadr movement)))
(defunmethod move :paragraph (movement)
(forward-paragraph (cadr movement)))
(defstackword word
(|||- :word swap 2>list))
(defstackword paragraph
(|||- :paragraph swap 2>list))
(defstackword page
(|||- :page swap 2>list))
(defstackword line
(|||- :line swap 2>list))
(defstackword char
(|||- :char swap 2>list))
(defstackword sym
(|||- :symbol swap 2>list))
(defstackword s-expression
(|||- :sexp swap 2>list))
(defstackword make-quantity-of
(|||- 1>make-keyword swap 2>list))
($ :char derives-from :movement-type)
($ :movement-type-with-extent
derives-from :movement-type)
($ :word derives-from :movement-type-with-extent)
($ :paragraph derives-from :movement-type-with-extent)
($ :line derives-from :movement-type-with-extent)
(defmulti move-kill #'move-dispatcher "Generic deletion method.")
(defmulti pre-delete-movement (function move-dispatcher) "Handle movement before delete.")
(defunmethod pre-delete-movement :movement-type (movement)
(defmulti post-delete-movement (function move-dispatcher) "Handle movement before delete.")
(defunmethod post-delete-movement :movement-type (movement)
(defun bounds-of-thing-at-point-kw (kw)
(bounds-of-thing-at-point (keyword->symbol kw)))
(defunmethod pre-delete-movement :movement-type-with-extent (movement)
(let* ((thing-bounds (bounds-of-thing-at-point-kw (car movement)))
(start (car thing-bounds))
(stop (cdr thing-bounds)))
(cond ((positive? (cadr movement)) (goto-char start))
((negative? (cadr movement)) (goto-char stop))
((zero? (cadr movement)) nil))))
(defunmethod post-delete-movement :movement-type-with-extent (movement)
(let* ((thing-bounds (bounds-of-thing-at-point-kw (car movement)))
(start (car thing-bounds))
(stop (cdr thing-bounds)))
(cond ((positive? (cadr movement)) (goto-char stop))
((negative? (cadr movement)) (goto-char start))
((zero? (cadr movement)) nil))))
(defun point-in-word? ()
(save-excursion (let ((pt (point)))
(backward-word) (forward-word)
(!= pt (point)))))
(defunmethod move-kill :movement-type (movement)
(let (p1 p2)
(pre-delete-movement movement)
(setq p1 (point))
(move movement)
(post-delete-movement movement)
(setq p2 (point))
(kill-region p1 p2)))
(defstackword move (|||- 1>move drop))
(defstackword kill (|||- 1>move-kill drop))
(setq micro-stack-map
'm 'move ; generic movement. pops an item from the stack, then moves appropriately
'k 'kill ; generic move-and-kil, pops and item of the stack, marks, moves, and kill-region's
'l 'line ; specify that a number indicates a number of lines
'w 'word ; specify that a number indicates a number of words
'y 'sym ; specify that a number indicates a number of symbols
'p 'paragraph ; specify that a number indicates a number of paragraphs
'P 'page ; specify that a number indicates a number of pages
'e 's-expression ; specify that a number indicates a number of s-expressions
'G 'make-quantity-of ; take a string and a number and create a general quantity 4"sentence"G -> (:sentence 4)
'q 'microstack->quotation ; convert a STRING to a microstack compiled quotation, "..."q is eq to [...]
'Q 'string->quotation ;push the stack word represented by string onto the stack to be called later
'! 'call ; call a quotation/stack word
'? 'if ; if
'+ '+ ; plus
'- '- ; -
't 't ; push t
'_ 'nil ; push nil
'm '0>push-mark ; mark the current point as the mark
'M '0>mark ; put the mark position on the stack
'g '1>goto-char ; jump to a character number popped from the stack
'x 'kill-current-region ; kill the current region between the point and mark
'* '* ; times
'/ '/ ; divide
'= '2>equal ; equals
'N 'do-n-times ; do a quotation n times before stopping
'L 'loop ; the loop word in all its general glory - execute a quotation until the top of the stack is true
'{ '{{ ; start a list
'} '}} ; end a list
's '1>search-forward ; search forward for the string on the stack, which is popped
'S '1>search-forward-regexp ; search forward for the regex on the stack, which is popped
'c 'concat ; concat two strings
'o 'rot
(intern ",") 'print-stack ; print the stack
(intern ":") 'dup ; dup
(intern "$") 'swap ; swap the top two stack elements
(intern "#") 'length ; pop object off the stack and push its length
(intern "@") 'char-at-point->string ;push the current character onto the stack
(intern ".") 'print ; print the top of the stack, pop it
(intern "%") 'format ; lst format-string format; calls format with the string format-string and lst as rest args
(intern "|") 'compose ; compose two quotations
(intern "^") 'curry ; curry the value on the stack into the quotation below it.
'U 'loop-until ; qt pred loop-until ; loop qt until pred is true
'u 'loop-until-char ; qt char loop-until-char; loop qt until char is beneath the cursor.
'W 'loop-while ; qt pred loop-while ; loop qt while pred is true
'i 'insert ; insert the top of the stack as text into the buffer
(defun translate-microstack (code)
"Translate the single character symbols to their stack words. Process special microstack behavior words."
(loop for el in code append
((symbolp el)
(let ((trans (tbl micro-stack-map el)))
(if trans (list trans) (error "Unknown microstack word."))))
((listp el)
(list 'lisp-val: `(quote ,el)))
(t (list el)))))
(defun parse-and-translate-microstack (code)
(translate-microstack (parse-microstack code)))
(defun do-microstack-parsed-translated (code)
"Evaluate the parsed and translated CODE for a microstack statement. Should be regular stack code at this point."
(eval `(|||p ,@code)))
(defun do-microstack (str)
"Parse, translated and execute the microstack code in STR."
(interactive "s")
(let* ((code (parse-microstack str))
(code (translate-microstack code)))
(do-microstack-parsed-translated code)))