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(require 'utils)
(require 'monads)
(require 'recur)
(defmacro when/not-empty (val &rest body)
`(let ((,id ,val))
(when (and ,id (not (empty? ,id)))
(defun match-string< (str)
(let ((str (format "%s" str)))
(lambda (input)
(when input
(let* ((n (length str))
(k (min (length input) n))
(test (substring input 0 k))
(rest (substring input k)))
(if (string= test str)
(list (cons str rest))
(defun ->parser (thing)
(if (functionp thing) thing
(match-string< thing)))
(defun text-parse-bind (parser* parser-producer)
(let ((parser* (->parser parser*)))
(parser* parser-producer)
(lambda (input)
(when input
((results (funcall parser* input))
(output '()))
(cond ((empty? results) output)
(printf "results %s" results)
(let* ((first-pair (car results))
(rest-pairs (cdr results))
(new-parser (->parser (funcall parser-producer (car first-pair))))
(new-results (funcall new-parser (cdr first-pair))))
(recur rest-pairs (append output new-results)))))))))))
(defun text-parse-return (item)
(lambda (input)
(list (cons item input)))))
(defun string-head (s)
(if (empty? s) s
(substring s 0 1)))
(defun string-tail (s)
(if (empty? s) ""
(substring s 1)))
(defun /item/ (input)
(when/not-empty input
(list (cons (string-head input) (string-tail input)))))
(defun list-of< (p)
((r p))
(m-return (list r))))
(defun zero-or-more-dealer< (pair p)
(let* ((retval (car pair))
(rest-input (cdr pair))
(r (funcall p rest-input)))
(if r
(list :continued
(lambda (pair)
(let ((inner-retval (car pair))
(leftover-input (cdr pair)))
(cons (cons inner-retval retval) leftover-input)))
(list :terminated
(cons (reverse retval) rest-input)))))
(defun zero-or-more< (p)
(lambda (input)
((terminals '())
(results (funcall p input)))
(if (empty? results) terminals
(let* ((asc (mapcar/deal (par #'zero-or-more-dealer< p) results))
(cont (reduce #'append (alist asc :continued)))
(term (alist asc :terminated)))
(if (empty? cont)
(append terminals term)
(recur cont
(append terminals term)))))))))
(defun one-or-more< (p)
(enclose (p)
(lexical-mlet monad-text-parse
((r p)
(rest (zero-or-more< p)))
(m-return (cons r rest)))))
(setq monad-text-parse
(tbl! :m-return #'text-parse-return
:m-bind #'text-parse-bind))
(funcall (lexical-mlet monad-text-parse
((a "a")
(b "b"))
(m-return (list a b))) "ab")
(funcall (lexical-mlet monad-text-parse
((r (zero-or-more< (->parser "a"))))
(m-return r))
(provide 'monad-text-parse)
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