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(require 'defn)
(require 'org)
(defvar all-virtues (reverse (list
(defn default-virtue-sums []
(loop with sums = (tbl!)
for v in
(tbl! sums v 0)
(tbl! sums (concat v "-count") 0)
(return sums)))
(defn chomp-properties [str]
(chomp (substring-no-properties str)))
(defn slurp-virtue-file
([filename sums]
(dlet [buf (find-file-noselect filename)]
(with-current-buffer buf
(loop for i from 2 to 14 do
(goto-line i)
(dlet [virtue (chomp-properties (org-table-get-field 1))
score (string-to-number (chomp-properties (org-table-get-field 2)))]
(tbl! sums virtue (+ score (tbl sums virtue)))
(tbl! sums (concat virtue "-count") (+ 1 (tbl sums (concat virtue "-count")))))))
(kill-buffer buf)
(slurp-virtue-file filename (default-virtue-sums))))
(defn average-score [sums virtue]
(round (/ (float (tbl sums virtue))
(float (tbl sums (concat virtue "-count"))))))
(defn average-scores [sums]
(loop with averages = (tbl!)
for key in all-virtues do
(tbl! averages key (average-score sums key))
finally (return averages)))
;(keyshash sums)
; (setq sums (slurp-virtue-file "/home/toups/Dropbox/gtd/virtues/"))
; (average-scores sums)
(defn n-spaces [n]
(make-string n (car (coerce " " 'list))))
(defn print-virtue-table [averages]
(let* ((max-len (apply #'max (mapcar #'length all-virtues)))
(padded-virtues (mapcar
(fn [v] (concat v (n-spaces (- max-len (length v))) ": "))
(loop for vp in padded-virtues
virt in all-virtues do
(insertf "%s %s\n" vp (make-string (tbl averages virt) ?*)))))
(defvar *virtues-directory* "~/Dropbox/gtd/virtues")
(defn org-file? [filename]
(dlet [len (length filename)]
(if ($ len < 4) nil
(dlet [last-four (substring-no-properties filename (- len 4) len)]
(string= last-four ".org")))))
(defn get-files []
(mapcar (fn [f] (concat *virtues-directory* "/" f)) (filter #'org-file? (directory-files *virtues-directory*))))
(defn find-averages-from-all-files []
(dlet [files (get-files)
sums (foldl (fn [it ac]
(slurp-virtue-file it ac))
(slurp-virtue-file (car files))
(cdr files))]
(average-scores sums)))
(defun show-averages-buffer ()
(dlet [b (get-buffer-create "*virtues-average-buffer*")]
(with-current-buffer b
(print-virtue-table (find-averages-from-all-files)))))
(provide 'virtues)