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@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ Shadchen supports the following built-in patterns.
Matches anything, binding <SYMBOL> to that value in the body
Matches only when the value is the same keyword.
@@ -158,6 +158,32 @@ Will result in `(1 (2 3))` but
Will produce `(1 (4))`. Note that a similar functionality can be
provided with `funcall`.
+ (concat P1 ... PN)
+Concat is a powerful string matching pattern. If each pattern is a
+string, its behavior is simple: it simply matches the string that is
+the concatenation of the pattern strings.
+If any of the patterns are a more complex pattern, then, starting from
+the left-most pattern, the shortest substring matching the first
+pattern is matched, ad then matching proceeds on the subsequent
+patterns and the unmatched part of the string. If this fails, a
+longer initial match is searched for. Eg:
+ (match "bobcatdog"
+ ((concat
+ (and (or "bobcat" "cat") which)
+ "dog") which))
+will produce "bobcat", but the pattern will also match "catdog",
+returning "cat".
+This is a handy pattern for simple parsers.
+ (append P1 ... PN)
+Like `concat` except for lists rather than strings.
@@ -194,17 +220,32 @@ This special form allows the definition of functions using pattern
matching where bodies can be specified over multiple `defun-match`
- (defun-match prod-fun (nil) "The empty product." 1)
- (defun-match prod-fun (nil acc) "Recursion termination." acc)
- (defun-match prod-fun ((cons x rest) acc)
- "One recursive step."
- (prod rest (* acc x)))
- (defun-match prod-fun ((? #'listp lst))
- "Sum a list of numbers."
- (prod lst 1))
-At some point, the bodies of defun-match definitions will be able to
-`recur` to themselves.
+ (defun-match- product (nil)
+ "The empty product."
+ 1)
+ (defun-match product (nil acc)
+ "Recursion termination."
+ acc)
+ (defun-match product
+ ((cons (p #'numberp n)
+ (p #'listp rest))
+ (p #'numberp acc))
+ "Main body of the product function."
+ (recur rest (* n acc)))
+ (defun-match product (lst)
+ "Calculate the product of the numbers in LST."
+ (recur lst 1))
+Note that different bodies can `recur` to eachother without growing
+the stack. Documentation for each body is accumulated, along with the
+pattern associated with the body, into the function's complete
Extending shadchen
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