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MiniGUI Supplementary Documents

Good software requires good documentation, especially system software like MiniGUI. However, maintaining documentation for a complex software system is a lot more difficult than maintaining its source code.

It sounds like documents are always better than no documents, but if the documents are outdated or containing errors, the damage will be even greater. There is a saying "Source code is the best document." Therefore, we don't particularly want to spend a lot of time writing and maintaining documentation.

On the other hand, facing some new features, developers, especially the beginners, still need some basic documents or guides to quickly understand how these new features work and how to use them.

In the past many years, we have accumulated a large number of MiniGUI documents, including user manuals, programming guides, and so on. With the releases of new MiniGUI versions (like MiniGUI 3.2 and MiniGUI 4.0), it doesn't make much sense to update or rewrite these documents thoroughly just for the new features.

Therefore, we plan to write some new documents or guides on GitHub Wiki, by supplementing the existing documents instead of updating them. These documents are not be very detailed, but will give the main points and related sample programs to help you quickly grasp the relevant features.

We call these documents "MiniGUI Supplementary Documents".

Features for Version 4.0 or later

Features for Version 3.2 or later


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