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Tool used to monitor the execution of a Jolie Service

[1 - Requirements]

[2 - JTracer Usage]

1 - Requirements

JolieLang and Docker must be installed on your computer. Docker must be running.

2 - JTracer Usage

Just open a terminal and move inside jTracer directory.

At this point just type docker build -t jtracer . to build the jtracer image.

Now you can run your image typing docker run -p 8000:newPortNumber -v computerPath:/microservice/shared jtracer where 8000 is the default port which is exposed and newPortNumber is the port in which you want to run the image.

An example for your computer path is: /Users/Username/Desktop.

So, if you decided to share your /Users/Username/Desktop path and your json files are stored in /Users/Username/Desktop/FolderContainingJson, when you want to point to FolderContainingJson you have to use /microservice/shared/FolderContainingJson because /microservice/shared corresponds to /Users/Username/Desktop on your docker image.

Open your browser and go to : http://localhost:portNumber/index.html