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Dungeon World Data

A NodeJS project to put all Dungeon World's data into a JSON file and an npm module.

Getting the JSON

Basic JSON:

Raw vs Basic

The raw JSON file includes the unparsed handlebar helpers such as Take +1 forward to {{move 'defy_danger'}}.
The basic JSON file has had those parsed through basic helpers, so it would become Take +1 forward to Defy Danger.

Getting the Module

npm install dungeonworld-data

Example Code

var dw = require('dungeonworld-data')
console.log("Bard base HP: " + dw.basicData.classes.bard.base_hp)

Example Projects

NodeJS Sample Scripts

Some simple command line tools for grabbing Dungeon World data.

Discord Bot

A bot for Discord that responds to commands with Dungeon World content.

Compiled from Source

The JSON is compiled from the files and folders in the source folder using the npm module I've written called rpgparser-data.

Preview/Excerpt of Data

This is a preview of the structure; the actual data has more text.

  classes: {
    bard: {
      name: 'Bard',
      description: 'The poems say an adventurer’s life is all open road.'
      base_hp: 6,
      base_load: 9,
      starting_moves: [
          name: 'Arcane Art',
          key: 'arcane_art'
          description: "When you weave magic into music, roll+CHA and pick one\n - Heal an ally\n - Give an ally +1 forward"
  tags: {
    near: {
      name: 'Near',
      description: 'It’s useful for attacking if you can see the whites of their eyes.',
  equipment: {
    ragged_bow: {
      name: 'Ragged Bow',
      tags: ['near']
  moves: {
    spout_lore: {
      key: 'spout_lore',
      name: 'Spout Lore',
      description: 'When you consult your accumulated knowledge about something, roll+Int. On a 10+, the GM will tell you something interesting and useful about the subject relevant to your situation. On a 7–9, the GM will only tell you something interesting—it’s on you to make it useful. The GM might ask you “How do you know this?” Tell them the truth, now.'


Clone this project to your computer and start adding files into the source folder to add content. You'll need to install and run the proper NodeJS files to get it to compile.

cd /path/to/where/you/want/to/work
git clone .
npm install
npm run watch

When you do npm run watch it will watch for any changes to source files and automatically update the two JSON files. Create a new pull request when you want to add the data you've added.


Dungeon World text and game data in an npm module that creates a JSON file.




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