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Face of Your Father

When you are about to deal the killing blow to this enemy, it casts an illusion and takes on the form of someone you love. Name the person and describe the relationship you have with them. This illusions persists into death, but is dispelled if the enemy attacks. If you completely fall for the illusion mark XP and act accordingly.

If you see through the illusion and deal the killing blow to your loved one, describe how you end them and roll+WIS. On 10+, you know it was only an illusion but you are troubled by the image and take -1 ongoing until you can rest. On a 7-9 the same but your dreams are plagued by nightmares of what you did—you won't be able to get any sleep the next time you try to rest. On a 6- the same in addition to what the GM says.

Stop, don't kill me! Don't you recognize me?!

Release Date: 2016-09-09 11:50:00 GMT-0800
Author: Colin "Vindexus" Kierans
Author URL:
Blog Post:

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