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Volatile Growths

While in the presence of this enemy, every time you get a 6 on a die while rolling a move you can either keep the 6 or reroll that die. If you keep the 6 this enemy develops 1 pulsing growth on their body that seethes with magical energy. When this enemy dies its growths explode in a cascade of magical energy, if you are caught in the blast roll+CON and subtract the number of growths that exploded. On a 10+ you are unaffected. On a 7-9 choose 1. On a 6- the GM will choose an additional one.

  • You take b[2d8] damage
  • You gain a new debility of your choice
  • Something you carry, the GM will tell you what, is destroyed

Not yet! Let me run away first, then shoot it.

Author: Colin "Vindexus" Kierans
Author Url:
Release Date: 2016-09-05 10:00 GMT-0800
Blog Post:

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