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Arquillian JBehave TestRunner
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Arquillian JBehave TestRunner

What is it?

The Arquillian JBehave TestRunner allows for in-container execution of your JBehave stories. It enables developers to use Arquillian in Behavior-Driven Development allowing for the possibility of using real objects in the execution of stories.


Write your story

Story: Obtain quotes for exchanging currencies

Scenario: Exchange United States Dollars for Japanese Yen

When converting 5 USD to JPY
Then return a quote of 375

Scenario: Exchange United States Dollars for Euros

When converting 130 USD to EUR
Then return a quote of 100

Scenario: Exchange United States Dollars for Pound Sterling

When converting 15 USD to GBP
Then return a quote of 10

Map the Steps to Java

public class ExchangeCurrenciesSteps

   private BigDecimal result;

   private CurrencyExchangeService exchangeService; // Injected, by Arquillian 

   @When("converting $amount $fromCurrencyCode to $toCurrencyCode")
   public void obtainQuote(BigDecimal amount, String fromCurrencyCode, String toCurrencyCode)
      Currency fromCurrency = Currency.getInstance(fromCurrencyCode);
      Currency toCurrency = Currency.getInstance(toCurrencyCode);
      result = exchangeService.getQuote(fromCurrency, amount, toCurrency);

   @Then("return a quote of $quote")
   public void theQuoteShouldBe(String quote)
      Assert.assertEquals(0, result.compareTo(new BigDecimal(quote)));

Configure the Story

public class ExchangeCurrencies extends JUnitStory

    public static WebArchive createDeployment()
        WebArchive archive = ShrinkWrap.create(WebArchive.class)
            .addAsWebInfResource(EmptyAsset.INSTANCE, "beans.xml");
        return archive;

    public ExchangeCurrencies()
          * Configure JBehave to use the Guava SameThreadExecutorService.
          * This enables the ArquillianInstanceStepsFactory to access
          * the ThreadLocal contexts and datastores.

    public Configuration configuration()
        Configuration configuration = new MostUsefulConfiguration()
            .useStoryPathResolver(new UnderscoredCamelCaseResolver())
            .useStoryReporterBuilder(new StoryReporterBuilder()
                .withFormats(CONSOLE, TXT, HTML, XML)
        return configuration;

    public InjectableStepsFactory stepsFactory()
        return new ArquillianInstanceStepsFactory(configuration(), new ExchangeCurrenciesSteps());


Run it

Use Arquillian as usual. The story can be executed from your IDE or from a Maven build.

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