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The Scala Distribution

This project contains all the bits of Scala that don't belong in trunk. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Additional Documentation
    • The Scala Specification
    • Scala by example
  • Example code
  • Native packages
    • msi
    • deb
    • rpm
  • Support for third-party tools
    • vi
    • gedit
    • more!

Build Setup

This build requires a scala distrbution build from the scala/scala project. Here's how to obtain one and tell this build about it:

  • scala/scala must be in the user home directory
  • Please run ant dist-opt in in the scala/scala project.
  • zip the <scala/scala>/dist/latest directory into a file called
  • Copy into <scala/scala-dist>/target/tmp/
  • Start sbt in the <scala/scala-dist> directory.
  • Run one of the build commands.

Here's a few things to build:

  • examples/compile - Compiles the examples
  • scala-installer/windows:package-msi - Builds the windows MSI. Requires WIX 3.6 installed
  • scala-installer/debian:package-bin - Builds the debian DEB file. Requires dpkg-deb
  • scala-installer/rpm:package-bin - Builds the yum RPM file. requires rpm
  • scala-installer/universal:package-bin - Builds the universal zip installer
  • scala-installer/universal-docs:package-bin - Builds the universal documentation zip
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