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Timing Request

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Timing Request is used for send http request timing

Quick Start

  • get code

    go get -v
  • build execute file

    go build
  • edit config file

    you can find a example conf file at ./config.yaml, config file is under the yaml format you can use follow keys:

    • url: address you want requested
    • method: request method you need
    • body: request body, if you have 2 or more bodies it will send with difference body
    • range: special time period you want to send request, you can use hour,minute,second,microseconds,month and weekday, from now,then you can use gt,lt,gte,lte and eq as condition,they're AND relationship,Time is UTC time, and Sunday in weekday is 0, Monday is 1 by parity of reasoning.
    • run_every: interval time for wait next request, you can use seconds,minutes,hours and days,if there have 2 or more, they're AND relationship too.
    • log_response: whether log response body

    in additional, you can use multi yaml split --- as multi request entities

  • start program

    ./timing --conf path/your/config

BTW, your can use --help to display help information

Monitoring with prometheus

you can monitoring this process via prometheus, this is a experimental

  • start with prometheus monitoring

    .timing --conf path/your/config -enable_metrics --addr :9800
  • additional arguments

    • buckets: prometheus buckets, default is 0.1, 0.3, 1.2, 5.0
  • then your can scape metrics by prometheus

    - job_name: 'TimingRequest'
    - targets:
        - ''