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Inkscape Addon for Hershey Text with Layouts
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Inkscape Addon for Hershey Text with Layouts HardyHersheyText1 HardyHersheyText2 This Extension is based on the already included Inkscape-Extension "Hershey Text" of Windell H. Oskay

Included Features

  • Added Layout managment System with xml Files - You define a Layout and the Extension will place Text at your wish
  • Added new Single-Line Font "standard" by Andrew Mustun (QCad -
  • Added Text Manipulation Parameters
  • Automatic Fit of Text in available Space
  • Added if-statements to placed text/lines/static-text just if the defines Textline contains Text
  • Added static-text defined in xml-File


This Extension is just tested with Linux at the moment, it should work with Windows and Mac too.

  • Place the hardyhershex.inx / / in the "extension" Folder of your Inkscape Installation - In Linux it should be here "/usr/share/inkscape/extensions/".
  • Open the Extension by selecting the "Extensions" -> "Render" -> "Hardy Hershey Text".

Define Layouts

  • Make an .xml File with like the "example.xml" File, follow the Descriptions in the File or follow the Description further down in this Text
  • Use Layout 1 - 11, or edit the Names in the .inx File, the names in your .xml have to match with the ones in the .inx file
  • Select the "Layout" Tab in the Extension and direct the Source-File of your XML File "/home/user/hello.xml" for example

Use Layouts

  • .xml File ready?
  • open "Render Text" in the "Extension" Tab, select a "Layout" you defined in the .xml file
  • Select the "Action" -> "Use Layout" at the Drop-Down Menu
  • Switch to "Layout" Tab, enter your Text in the Lines you defined in your Layout
  • Press Apply and be glad :)

Description of the XML File


  • Line1 Places the 1. Line of Text which is determined in the Inkscape-Plugin coords Attributes for manipulation an positioning of Text (Orgin-Point left/bottom)
  • ("x") X Position of Text-Field in mm (depending on Text Alignment / left = left-mid position of Text / right = right-mid position of text / center = mid position of text
  • ("y") Y Position of Text-Field in mm (Bottom Origin-Point)
  • ("align") Text Alignment (left/right/center/textcenter) // textcenter = orgin point is the center of text itself
  • ("tsize") Text Size in mm (Deviations between each Font)
  • ("fontf") Font Style - available Fonts: standard / astrology / cursive / cyrillic / futural / futuram / gothiceng / gothicger / gothicita / greek / japanese / markers / mathlow / mathupp / meteorology / music / scriptc / scripts / symbolic / timesg / timesi / timesib / timesr / timesrb
  • ("sbtwl") Space Between Letters (font specific value)
  • ("vertoff") Vertical Offset of Text (font specific value)
  • ("vcp") Vertical Compressing of Text (in %) (use "-" for negative compressing)
  • ("hcp") Horizontal Compressing of Text (in %) (use "-" for negative compressing)
  • ("margin") Left/Right Margin of Text in mm (if left/right, also on centered -> margin will be on both sides - If X Axis for Text-Positioning is defined, Margin will take effect on the opposite end)
  • ("layer") Place Textline in Layer with the given name

Render Graphics:

  • Lines: Stroke // Place the beginning of the Line with the x y Coordinates and the end x y Coordinates (in mm)

Automatism: FOR:

  • FOR // Graps the the Value of Line 1 and Line 2, get its first Letters, and the count difference of Value in Line 1 and Line 2. Example ( Line 1: F10; Line 2: F12 ) now he places the -Commands with its "FOR"-Values and count up from Line 1 to the amount of -Commands with the Step you defined with Line 2.
  • From the Above Example with 5x -Command Lines: F10 F12 F14 F16 F18


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