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How to connect your Virgil and Firebase accounts for implementing end-to-end encryption

Watch setup tutorial video on YouTube (4 minutes)


Create Firebase project

Or use one that you already have.

Set up Firebase password auth for the project

  • Select the Authentication panel and then click the Sign In Method tab.
  • Click Email/Password and turn on the Enable switch, then click Save.
  • Let's also set up a Firestore database for the sample apps: select the Database panel, click Create database under Firestore, choose Start in test mode and click Enable.
  • Once the database is created, click on the Rules tab, click Edit rules and paste:
    service cloud.firestore {
      match /databases/{database}/documents {
        match /{document=**} {
          allow read, write: if request.auth.uid != null;
  • Click PUBLISH.

Deploy the Firebase function

This Firebase function will connect Firebase's and Virgil's authentication via JWT tokens

  • Clone the repo
    git clone
    cd demo-firebase-func
  • Start up the Firebase cli
    firebase login
    firebase init

run npm install -g firebase-tools if you don't have the cli installed.

  • User your cursor keys to select:

    Functions: Configure and deploy Cloud Functions

    Use the SPACEBAR to select the option, then hit ENTER to proceed.

  • Select your firebase project from the list, ENTER.

  • Select the following answers:

    ? What language would you like to use to write Cloud Functions? TypeScript
    ? Do you want to use TSLint to catch probable bugs and enforce style? Yes
    ? File functions/package.json already exists. Overwrite? No
    ? File functions/tslint.json already exists. Overwrite? No
    ? File functions/tsconfig.json already exists. Overwrite? No
    ? File functions/src/index.ts already exists. Overwrite? No
    ? Do you want to install dependencies with npm now? Yes
  • Sign up for a free Virgil account

  • Get your Virgil application config file:

    • Click the DOWNLOAD CONFIG FILE FOR SAMPLES button to download your config.json file
  • Copy config.json to the project's root folder and run:

    cd functions
    npm install
    npm run configure
  • (Windows users only) In firebase.json rename $RESOURCE_DIR to %RESOURCE_DIR%

  • And finally, deploy the function:

    firebase deploy --only functions

Copy the function's URL to the clipboard: go back to the Firebase console -> Functions tab and take a note of your brand new function's url from the Event column. You'll need this when setting up your apps.