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E3Kit is an SDK that simplifies work with Virgil services and presents the easiest way to add full end-to-end (E2EE) security to their applications to become HIPAA and GDPR compliant and more.
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Virgil E3Kit Typescript/Javascript SDK

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Introduction | SDK Features | Installation | Usage Example | Docs | Support


Virgil Security provides an SDK which simplifies work with Virgil services and presents easy to use API for adding security to any application. In a few simple steps you can setup user encryption with multidevice support.

SDK Features

  • multidevice support
  • manage users' Public Keys


You can install this module from npm. Another option is to add it via script tag in browser.


You will need to install @virgilsecurity/e3kit.

npm install @virgilsecurity/e3kit

In browser via script tag

You will need to add @virgilsecurity/e3kit script.

<script src=""></script>

Usage Example

Initialize & Register

import { EThree } from '@virgilsecurity/e3kit-js'
// get virgil token from you backend (better to protect it!)
const getToken = () => fetch('http://localhost:3000/get-virgil-jwt/')
    .then(res => res.json())
    .then(data =>  data.token);

// get your unique identity from backend
const sdk = await EThree.initialize(getToken);
// create private key and upload it to our protected cloud service
await sdk.register();
await sdk.backupPrivateKey('encryption_pwd');

Encrypt & Decrypt

const usersToEncryptTo = ["", "", ''];
const userThatEncrypts = "";
const [receiverPublicKeys, senderPublicKey] = await Promise.all([

const encryptedMsg = await eThree.encrypt('Send you my sensitive information!', receiversPublicKeys);
const decryptedMsg = await eThree.decrypt(encryptedMsg, senderPublicKey);
// we decrypt the message and check that it is sent by ""

You can find more examples in examples folder and on

React Native usage

This package works with

import { EThree } from '@virgilsecurity/e3kit';
import createNativeKeyEntryStorage from '@virgilsecurity/key-storage-rn/native';
// or
import createExpoKeyEntryStorage from '@virgilsecurity/key-storage-rn/expo';

const keyEntryStorage = createNativeKeyEntryStorage();
// or
const keyEntryStorage = createExpoKeyEntryStorage();

EThree.initialize(getTokenCallback, { keyEntryStorage });


Virgil Security has a powerful set of APIs, and the documentation below can get you started today.


This library is released under the 3-clause BSD License.


Our developer support team is here to help you. Find out more information on our Help Center.

You can find us on Twitter or send us email

Also, get extra help from our support team on Slack.

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