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VUC offers several important features that Bitcoin does not. First, VUC rewards people for running a VUC node. Whereas Bitcoin transactions are completely traceable, VUC enables you to send coins anonymously. There is never any need to 'mix' or 'anonymize' your VUC — they are anonymous by default. VUC is fully integrated with VUC, which means that a snoop or attacker watching your internet connection will not know if you are using VUC and other VUC users cannot determine the physical location of your VUC node. VUC also offers encrypted end-to-end messaging between VUC users.

Coin Name: VirtaUniqueCoin Coin Abbreviation: VUC Coin Type: Pow-Pos Hashing Algorithm: NIST5 Block Time: 120 seconds Initial Block Reward: 25 VUC Year interest: 5% Premine Amount: 60,000,000 VUC PoW Coins: 60,000,000 VUC Supply: 120,000,000 VUC Maximum Block Size: 1MB PoS activation: after PoW end

RPC PORT 15700 P2P PORT 15702

Block structure

1: 60000000 2-800002 = 25 800003-2050002= 20 2050003-3050002 = 15


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