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Virtex Edge Design

We create our work from start to finish, specializing in 3D Design and Modeling, to Animation, Programming and Audio Production.


  1. VerticesEngine.AppDemo VerticesEngine.AppDemo Public


  2. VerticesEngine.Core VerticesEngine.Core Public

    The core library for the Vertices Engine.

    C# 3

  3. chaoticworkshop-mod-sdk chaoticworkshop-mod-sdk Public

    The Chaotic Workshop Modkit Sample and SDK for creating Mods in Visual Studio and using MonoGame

    C# 2 1

  4. metricracer-mod-sdk metricracer-mod-sdk Public

    Race through future cities and across the surface of other planets to out run, out maneuver and out pace your competition. Metric Racer, a fast paced, cartoon shaded futuristic racer.


  5. Iris-Web-Viewer Iris-Web-Viewer Public

    A lightweight 3D Model Viewer for viewing Exchange Format files (i.e *.stl and *.obj) without the need for larger packages to be preinstalled on a computer.

    JavaScript 30 9

  6. 3C-Crop-Capture-Create 3C-Crop-Capture-Create Public

    3C is a light weight screenshot tool, allowing you to screenshot cropped sections, your current screen, or the entire web page!

    JavaScript 2 1


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