The Virtex Engine Templates
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Vertices Engine Tempaltes

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The Vertices Engine is the in-house developed game engine from @VirtexEdgeDesign & @rtroe based in and built from the ground up in C#. It uses @MonoGame as it's back end allowing it to run cross platform on PC, OSX, Linux, iOS and Android.

There are recently released Nuget packages which can be found through the badge links below so that users can play around with Vertices on their own machines.


Platform Build Status Nuget Package
DesktopGL alt text nugetOGL
Android alt text nugetOGL
iOS alt text nugetOGL
DirectX alt text nugetOGL


Crepuscular Rays(God Rays)

Crepuscular Rays

Depth of Field

Depth of Field

Cascade Shadow Mapping

Cascade Shadow Mapping

Extendable in-game Sandbox for Rapid Level design


Integrated Debug System, Viewer and Console


Customizable and Sinkable GUI system


Other features

  • Modular design allowing for smaller and more efficient 2D and 3D applications.
  • Touch screen, gamepad and traditional keyboard-mouse support.

3rd Party Library Integration

  • 3D Physics through platform independent fork of BEPU Physics.
  • 2D Physics provided by Farseer Physics library.
  • Networking support through Lidgren Networking Library.