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VirtoCommerce.AzureSearch module implements ISearchProvider defined in the VirtoCommerce.Core module and uses cloud search service Azure Search.


Installing the module:



The search configuration string is a text string consisting of name/value pairs seaprated by semicolon (;). Name and value are separated by equal sign (=). For Azure Search provider the configuration string must have four parameters:

  • provider is the name of the search provider and must be AzureSearch
  • ServiceName or server is the name of the search service instance in your Azure account (
  • AccessKey or key is the primary or secondary admin key for this search service.
  • scope is a common name (prefix) of all indexes. Each document type is stored in a separate index. Full index name is scope-documenttype. One search service can serve multiple indexes.

You can configure the search configuration string either in the VC Manager UI or in VC Manager web.config. Web.config has higher priority.

  • VC Manager: Settings > Search > General > Search configuration string
  • web.config: connectionStrings > SearchConnectionString:
    <add name="SearchConnectionString" connectionString="provider=AzureSearch;server=servicename;key=accesskey;scope=default" />

Known issues

  • Collections in a document can only contain strings. This means you cannot index a document with a collection of numbers.
  • Document field names can only contain letters, digits and underscores. When indexing a document with invalid characters in a field name, all such characters will be replaced with an underscore, which can lead to duplicate fields.


Copyright (c) Virto Solutions LTD. All rights reserved.

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