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This repository has been archived by the owner on Mar 26, 2022. It is now read-only.

A friendly bot to give us a heads up when the next events are.


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Hey there. Virtual Coffee isn't using this package any more, so we've archived it. Please feel free to fork and use on your own!

We miss you, Mike. ❤️

Bot : MeetingPlace Events

This friendly bot reports when the next event is in our Slack.

It pulls the data from the MeetingPlace API.

Sample Output

Slack Message showing this weeks events

Daily Reminder & Pre Event reminder

📅 *Next Event:* Virtual Coffee - Morning Crowd
Starting in 10 minutes! <|View Details>

Setting up

The bot runs on a schedule as managed by Heroku Scheduler (We did try GitHub Actions, but they proved unreliable at running on time). It requires the following secrets to be setup:

Secret Source Purpose
SLACK_API_TOKEN Bot User OAuth Access Token This allows us to post as a bot to slack

Slack Bot Token Scopes

The following scopes need to be added to your Slack Bot to allow it to post messages.


Scheduled Messages

Currently there are three scheduled tasks which run:

Rake Task When it should be run Purpose Crontab
virtual_coffee_bot:next_event Hourly ~15 minutes before the hour Gives a heads up that a new meeting is about to start 45 * * * *
virtual_coffee_bot:todays_events Every morning at 8am (Except Monday) Tells us in the morning an event will happen that day 0 8 * * *
virtual_coffee_bot:this_weeks_events Every Monday at 8am UTC Lists all the meetings starting that week 0 8 * * *