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@joachimmarder joachimmarder released this Jul 21, 2018 · 186 commits to master since this release

  • The support for Windows XP/2003 has been dropped (issue #707). This means:
    • We did not intentionally break XP support.
    • We do no longer test on Windows XP/2003
    • We may accept pull request for XP support if the code quality is sufficient.
    • We recommend to use the V6 branch on Windows XP
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed property TBaseVirtualTree.HintAnimation. Issue #730.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Renamed unit "VTHeaderPopup" to "VirtualTrees.HeaderPopup"
    Renamed unit "VTAccessibility" to "VirtualTrees.Accessibility"
    Renamed unit "VTAccessibilityFactory" to "VirtualTrees.AccessibilityFactory"
  • Fixed issue #804: Remove MMXAvailable and related stuff
  • Fixed issue #736: TVTDragManager.GetDataObject() should not use TVTDataObject in case the OnCreateDataObject event handler returned nil
  • Fixed issue #756: OnMeasureItem called before data is assigned to node
  • Fixed issue #745: Pressing SPACE should change the check-state of all selected nodes
  • Fixed Issue #369: Centralize Left Content Margin calculation
  • Pull Request #800: Fixed an incorrect calculation of the string edit link height.
  • Pull request #796: Fixed a bug where hints of type hmTooltip had incorrect (random) position when when HitPosition was not hiOnItemLabel.
  • Fixed issue #796: Utility images are not DPI Scaled
  • Fixed issue #794: ScrollIntoView() by column centers column also when center is false
  • Fixed issue #789: Issues with toHideSelection
  • Fixed issue #792: "Invalid window handle" when using styles
  • Fixed issue #788: Wrong logic in GetEffectiveColor. coStyleColor has been added to DefaultColumnOptions.
  • Fixed issue #783: TVirtualTreeColumns.HandleClick() may trigger sorting twice
  • Fixed issue #781: "~" not working on German keyboard
  • Fixed issue #779: Overlay Images with Index < 15 not drawn when OnGetImageIndexEx is used
  • Fixed issue #777: Margin is applied right of tree lines, but should be applied left of them.
  • Pull request #776: ScrollIntoView centers horizontally enen without Columns defined
  • Fixed issue #764: When toAlwaysSelectNode is on, no node is auto-selected after the tree is cleared.
  • Fixed issue #769: GetImageSize Fails if kind ikState and not assigned(StateImages)
  • Fixed issue #766: Incorrect HotTrack with Touch-Scrolling
  • Pull request #761: Add TBaseVirtualTree.OnAddHeaderPopupItem event and 'Size Column to Fit' menu item to TVTHeaderPopupMenu.
  • Fixed issue #760: TVirtualTreeColumns.GetFirstVisibleColumn() cause AV if called between BeginUpdate() and EndUpdate()
  • Fixed issue #759: TBaseVirtualTree.InitNode() overrides check state of top level nodes set in OnInitNode event handler
  • Fixed issue #757: Header popup menu opens twice
  • Fixed issue #758: The OnColumnVisibilityChanged event is not always fired
  • Fixed issue #754: TBaseVirtualTree.InternalAddToSelection() may cause access violation. Thx@nminkov for the patch.
  • Fixed issue #753: TVirtualTreeColumns.EndUpdate() resets column order
  • Fixed issue #752: HandleDrawSelection() does not correctly take horizontal scroll position into account
  • Fixed issue #750: Plus/Minus sizes are not scaled in DPI aware applications
  • Fixed issue #748: Per Monitor Dpi Scaling - Scrollbar Not Correct after Dpi Change
  • Enhancement #735: Add event that is fired when a check state is needed.
  • Fixed issue #743: Ugly drawing of selection in report mode when VCL Styles are used
  • Fixed issue #742: TVTHeader.ParentFont should be True by default
  • Fixed issue #740: TVTHeaderPopupMenu should not delete menu items added at designtime
  • Fixed issue #739: TVTHeader should use a popup menu if assigned
  • Fixed issue #738: Deadlock on application close in ReleaseThreadReference
  • Fixed issue #737: Export problem when OnBeforeNodeExport is not assigned
  • Fixed issue #723: Turn event OnAfterNodeExport into a procedure. This is a BREAKING CHNAGE.
  • Fixed issue #734: DefaultText property ignored
  • Fixed issue #724: Error when reading "old" streams
  • Fixed issue #397: Horizontal autoscroll on focus does not properly scroll node into view if column width is larger than client width
  • Fixed issue #727: Header not repainted after loading from stream
  • Fixed issue #726: Incorrect header hot painting
  • Fixed issue #722: Simplify custom header drawing while keeping default drawing
  • Fixed issue #467: Multi level checkboxes and BeginUpdate/EndUpdate issue
  • Fixed issue #391: Change property HotNode: Add a setter
  • Fixed issue #767: Remove type TOldVTOption and ReadOldOptions()
  • Removed flag toDisableAutoscrollOnFocus from default configuration of a new Virtual TreeView to achieve a more common behavior with default properties.
  • poResizeToFitItem is now set by default in TVTHeaderPopupMenu.Options
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@joachimmarder joachimmarder released this May 29, 2017 · 345 commits to master since this release

V6.7: (29 May 2017)

  • Fixed issue #714: Integer overflow in TBaseVirtualTree's InternalAddFromStream
  • Fixed issue #500: Issue with node selection "from code" for disabled nodes with toLevelSelectConstraint option
  • Fixed issue #499: Incorrect behavior with toLevelSelectConstraint and ctrl+A
  • Fixed issue #649: Cell navigation problems with toAutoSpanColumns for left and right keys
  • Fixed issue #712: Strange behaviour of AutoFitColumns
  • Fixed issue #718: Shift + Rght-Click should not extend selection
  • Fixed issue #706: Integer overflow in DetermineScrollDirections when timeGetTime wraps
  • Fixed issue #407: TVirtualDrawTree.InvalidateNode does not clear vsHeightMeasured
  • Enhancement #669: Create sample project for C++ Builder
  • Enhancement #708: New option toSyncCheckboxesWithSelection improves multi-selection for touch UI that synchonizes selection and check-state
  • Fixed issue #717: The option toUseExplorerTheme does not draw lines in place of buttons removed by toAutoHideButtons
  • Fixed issue #716: Tab key navigation does not work properly with Auto Span Columns
  • Fixed issue #720: A review of all Demos is needed to fix GetText, GetHint, etc to assign in DFM instead of assigning in FormCreate
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@joachimmarder joachimmarder released this Apr 4, 2017 · 364 commits to master since this release

V6.6 (04 Apr 2017)

  • Fixed issue #705: Added support for RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo
  • Fixed issue #702: Access Violation at designtime when RootNodeCount is >0
  • Fixed issue #703: Possibly wrong selection if nodes are selected during DeleteChildren()
  • Fixed issue #700: If the user clicked a node, we are no longer centering this node if the option toCenterScrollIntoView is set.
  • Fixed issue #691: When the user uses Cursor-Left/Right, the Virtual TreeView should perform horizontal scrolling if there is no other operation
  • Fixed issue #699: TVTColors.GetColor: Honor user defined colors also when StyleServices are enabled (Thx to luebbe for PR)
  • Fixed issue #698: Horizontal scrollbar may not update when turning on or off columns
  • Fixed issue #350: TVirtualTreeColumn.fLeft should be in protected part
  • Fixed issue #312: When unfocusing a node while the Spacebar is still pressed, the check state should be toggled
  • Fixed issue #161: Shift+End does not work as expected with toGridExtension + toFullRowSelect options set
  • Fixed issue #697: OnChange not fired when unselecting nodes
  • Fixed issue #692: HitInfo for OnNodeClick event may differ much from HandleMouseDown
  • Fixed issue #687 by extracting new method DeleteNodes() from existing DeleteSelectedNodes().
  • Fixed issue #689: Possible Integer overflow in PaintColumnHeader() when dragging a column to first position.
  • Fixed issue #693: TVirtualTreeAccessibility.accSelect() should handle the flag SELFLAG_EXTENDSELECTION
  • Fixed issue #690: Tree shouldn't keep selected elements, if toAlwaysSelectNode is set and other elements are selected without ctrl-modifier
  • Improved non-breaking implementation of #622: The deprecated property CheckImageKind is no longer written to DFM files,
    but read properly from old DFMs. Thx to the-Aroich for providing it.
  • Some minor tweaks on Virtual TreeView source code and sample projects
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@joachimmarder joachimmarder released this Jan 18, 2017 · 419 commits to master since this release

V6.5: (18 Jan 2017)

  • License change from LGPL to "LGPL with static linking exception". See issue #673 for details.
  • Enhancement #662: Background image now supports transparency
  • Fixed #677: Improved per monitor dpi awareness. NodeHeight is now scaled as well if toAutoScale is set.
  • Fixed #289: HintMode hmHintAndDefault: Default Hint does not change to node specific hint when the mouse is moved to a node.
  • Fixed #674: HintMode hmHintAndDefault: If the BidiMode is right to left, the Default Hint fails to appear
  • Fixed #139: hoDblClickResize doesn't work correctly with InitalState ivsMultiline
  • Fixed #668: Removed unnecessary #include <ShlObj.hpp>
  • Fixed #670: Make it possible to override RangeX
  • Fixed #676: VCL themed scrollbar does not update correctly after adding children
  • Fixed #626: Wrong hot node selection during mouse movement over different nodes
  • Fixed #679: The OnChange event when right clicking a node should always be fired before the OnPopup event
  • Fixed #678: Occasional Access Violation in GetDisplayRect
  • Fixed #682: Drag & Drop range exception
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@joachimmarder joachimmarder released this Oct 26, 2016 · 452 commits to master since this release

V6.4.1: (26 Oct 2016)

  • Fixed #549: Drawing issue with toCheckSupport an toExtendedFocus
  • Fixed #663: Exception pressing return on an edited item with no columns)
  • Fixed #661: Minimal Demo 2 different problems, can't select on start up, multiple clicks causes error
  • Fixed problem with wrongly drawn checkbox in column headers.
  • VirtualTreePerItemAction now initializes all nodes before it works with them and changes e.g. the check state.
  • TBaseVirtualTree.DoGetImageIndex() now always tries to assign a default image list as result, even if OnGetImage and OnGetImageEx are not assigned. So derived controls do not need to make this step.
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@joachimmarder joachimmarder released this Sep 28, 2016 · 469 commits to master since this release

V6.4: (28 Sep 2016)

  • Fixed #622: [BREAKING CHANGE] Removed all 16x16 fixed sized checkbox-imagelists.
    The property CheckImageKind supports the values ckSystemDefault and ckCustom only and should be considered deprecated.
  • Fixed #640: Edit control for in-place editing wrongly scaled in high-dpi scenarios
  • Fixed #627: It should be possible to use OnGetImageIndexEx without having imagelists assigned
  • Added assertion that verifies if an imageindex is supplied but no valid imagelist is available for this imageindex
  • Fixed #148: Background Images now support other formats than just bitmaps.
  • Fixed #623: GetHint calculates wrong width for HintText
  • Fixed #633: High dpi scaling was performed two times
  • Fixed #544, #427: Header painting problem with BiDiMode right to left
  • TBaseVirtualTree.EnsureNodeSelected() only scrolls the selected node into the view, if no one was previously selected.
  • Fixed #248: VT Header draws smudged
  • Fixed #643: VT Header dropmark appears even if dragged column won't change position
  • Fixed #310: Incorrect selection paint when toAutoSpanColumns, toGridExtensions and toExtendedFocus are set
  • Fixed #653: GetFirstVisibleChild/NoInit check for wrong node if IncludeFiltered=True (thx to A. Hausladen)
  • Fixed #659: GetLastVisibleChild/NoInit checks wrong node
  • Fixed #647: New option to set the way of selecting next cell for editing in grid mode
  • Fixed #645: Can't link 64 bit VCL app with VirtualTreeView in C++ Builder 10.1 Berlin
  • Fixed #656: Fixed memory leaks in Advanced Demo
  • Enhancement #631: Added new Demo project CharityEvents to demonstrate the use of Interfaces for node's data and for data presentation
  • Fixed #658: Column Header does not paint correctly after a drop in certain conditions
  • Fixed #639: Scrolbars are not correctly themed under certain cirumstances when using a VCL theme.
  • Fixed #624: Wrong y-postion of checkboxes in high-dpi display mode
  • Fixed #548: Add flag coStyleColor to TVirtualTreeColumn.Options (prefer background color of VCL style over TVirtualTreeColumn.Color)
  • Fixed #660: Fix AV when tree is modified in OnEdited event
  • Some minor tweaks on Virtual TreeView source code and sample projects
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