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Welcome to the Hackathon-Team-BusOne wiki!

The Idea

Match people together algorithmically so that people with like hobbies and personalities are able to be matched for a mentoring program.

Why do this?

Mentoring is most successful when the mentor/mentee have a personal connection and share things in common other than the technology or career goal. The goal is to increase the likelihood of a successful mentoring engagement by better matching people at the outset.

How we build it

Tools that we will use

  • GitHub for collaboration, task/feature management, and code sharing
  • Algorithmia for matching algorithm
  • Slack for chat and possibly web hook integration
  • Ecamm Live to broadcast the craziness
  • Skype for video chatting
  • A survey tool of some kind


  • Information which will be used to match people (mentoring goal, hobbies, work experience, music, movies)
  • Way to collect and store information
  • Algorithm to do matching based on personality criteria
  • Data formatted in a way to process algorithmically


  • Location for all people will be Moscone Center 37.7843° N, 122.4007° W

Day Two - After the Hackathon

  • Create a profile
  • Update my information
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