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Virtual Fly Brain

a data integrator for Drosophila neurobiology


  1. VFB2 VFB2 Public

    Forked from Robbie1977/VFB2-draft

    Virtual Fly Brain Documentation Site

    HTML 2 4

  2. geppetto-vfb geppetto-vfb Public

    VFB (v2) application

    JavaScript 3 1

  3. DrosAdultBRAINdomains DrosAdultBRAINdomains Public

    Drosophila Adult Brain Domains

    14 8

  4. DrosAdultHalfBRAINdomains DrosAdultHalfBRAINdomains Public

    Domains from confocal serial section image data used for the study "A Systematic Nomenclature for the Insect Brain" Kei Ito, et al.

    4 6

  5. DrosAdultVNSdomains DrosAdultVNSdomains Public

    Drosophila Adult Ventral Nervous System Domains

    Jupyter Notebook 2 1

  6. VFB_connect VFB_connect Public

    A library for querying VFB servers (neo4j, owlery, solr)

    Jupyter Notebook 4 1


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