Without Visual Studio

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Build, Test and Run the VTS without Visual Studio

After pulling down the source code from GitHub and installing the prerequisites, you can run the batch files to build the solution, run the unit tests and bring up the VTS GUI.

There are several batch files (.bat) in the root of the Vts folder for this purpose:

  • BuildTestRelease.bat - This file cleans up all the build folders and calls all other batch files
  • DesktopBuild.bat - Builds the main desktop projects in the solution
  • DesktopTests.bat - Runs the unit tests for the desktop projects

There are also 2 batch files within the solution that are used to create the release versions of MCCL application and the MATLAB package.

  • ..\VTS\matlab\CreateRelease.bat
  • ..\VTS\src\Vts.MonteCarlo.CommandLineApplication\CreateRelease.bat

To build the entire solution in Debug and Release, right click the BuildTestRelease.bat file and select "Run as administrator".
Note: This batch file will delete the build folder, the bin directory in the MonteCarlo.CommandLineApplication project and the Vts_library folder in matlab\vts_wrapper.

All the applications and dlls are output to the build folder, the desktop unit test results are output to 2 XML files in the root folder, TestResult-Vts-Debug.xml and TestResult-Vts-Release.xml.

Each of the batch files can be run separately but DesktopTests.bat does require that all configurations of the Desktop projects have been built.

To build only the desktop projects:

  • Run DesktopBuild.bat as administrator
  • Run DesktopTests.bat
  • The MCCL command-line application can be accessed here:

The MonoBuild.sh file is a shell script for Linux that will build the desktop projects (Silverlight does not work on Linux) and create the build folder. This file requires that Mono be installed on Linux.