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Virtual Tissue Simulator (VTS) WPF Application Version 2.3

Download: Vts.Gui.Wpf.Installer.msi

Release Notes

  • Added a "Reset Values" button to the Spectral Panel.
  • Updated the strings file to add new text strings, removed the hard-coded text in the panels - to allow for localization.
  • Added a French version of the strings resource file.
  • Modified complex plots toggle buttons Max and Curve. The Max selection: 1) for Amplitude/Phase, plot max relative to each amplitude/phase plot so all max values are 1, 2) for real/imag, plot max for real relative to real plots and imag relative to imag plots. The Curve selection 1) for Amplitude/Phase, plot plots greater than first, divided by the first amplitude/phase plot, 2) for real/imag, plot real plots greater than first divided by first real plot, plot imag plots greater than first divided by first imag plot.
  • Added DoubleToStringConverter to the RangeView and OpticalPropertiesView so that it will put the values in the correct international format.
  • Fixed the DoubleToStringConverter to allow converting ints and fixed the unit tests to refect this.
  • Modified Forward Solver panel so that when DistributedGaussianSourceSDA solver selected, all time-dependent solution domain options are unavailable because this code is not implemented yet. Added unit tests to verify code and added unit test to verify TwoLayerSDA selection does not show "use spectral panel inputs" checkbox.
  • Fixed unit tests to pass when another language is selected.
  • Cleaned up the code to access strings directly from the XAML.

The functionality of this Desktop application mirrors that of our Silverlight application.


  • On Windows: .NET Framework 4.6.1 - download here
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