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Probably the sharpest git repository organizer & rebase workflow automation tool you've ever seen ;)
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git machete is a versatile tool for organizing your git repo, including features like:

  • Automatic discovery of branch relations (git machete discover)

  • Neat, customizable git machete status that shows what branches are in sync with their parent branch/remote tracking branch and which of them need to be rebased/pulled/pushed

git machete status

  • Semi-automatic traversal of the branches that helps you effortlessly rebase and push/pull the branches you care for (git machete traverse)

git machete traverse


We suggest a couple of alternative ways of installation.

Bash and zsh completion scripts are provided in completion/ directory, see wiki for their installation instructions.

Note: as for now git-machete runs on Python 2.7, we're planning to migrate to Python 3 soon (#35).

Using AUR (Arch Linux only)

Install the AUR package git-machete using an AUR helper of your preference.

Using make with sudo

Run the following commands to install git machete:

$ git clone --depth=1
$ cd git-machete
$ sudo make install

Using with sudo

You need to have Python from system packages with pip and setuptools installed.

$ git clone --depth=1
$ cd git-machete
$ python build
$ sudo python install

Using without sudo

You need to have Python from system packages with pip and setuptools installed.

$ git clone --depth=1
$ cd git-machete
$ python install --user

Please verify that your PATH variable has ${HOME}/.local/bin/ included.

Quick start

$ cd your-repo/
$ git machete discover
  # (see and possibly edit the suggested layout of branches)
$ git machete go root
$ git machete traverse
  # (put each branch one by one in sync with its parent and remote counterpart)


Take a look at for a guide on how to use the tool.

The more advanced features like automated traversal, upstream inference and tree discovery are described in the second part of the series:


To develop that project and run tests locally it is needed to have Python installed with tox.

Use tox -e venv to setup virtual environment to work on that project in your favorite IDE. Use .tox/venv/bin/python as a reference python interpreter in your IDE.

To run tests execute command tox.

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