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  • Duplicated string modifiers are now an error.
  • More flexible “xor” modifier.
  • Implement “private” strings (#1096)
  • Add “field_offsets” to “dotnet” module.
  • Implement “crc32” functions in “hash” module.
  • Improvements to “rich_signature” functions in “pe” module.
  • Implement sandboxed API using SAPI
  • BUGFIX: Some regexp character classes not matching correctly when used with “nocase” modifier (#1117)
  • BUGFIX: Reduce the number of ERROR_TOO_MANY_RE_FIBERS errors for certain hex pattern containing large jumps (#1107)
  • BUGFIX: Buffer overrun in “dotnet” module (#1108)
  • BUGFIX: Segfault in certain Windows versions (#1068)
  • BUGFIX: Memory leak while attaching to a process fails (#1070)
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