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A Matlab toolbox for psychophysical and fMRI research
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UW Toolbox

This is a work in progress, more functions / folders will be added as they have been tested and are functional.

Kelly is currently in charge of organizing this toolbox, so email her if you have questions!


Collection HTML rendered tutorials for various implementations of toolbox scripts.




stimulus (WIP)


nansem.m - Calculates the standard error of the mean while ignoring NaNs.

rmspace.m - Removes all whitespace in a string or a cell array.

timeLeftBar.m - Creates and displays a real time based wait bar (instead of progress based).

translateTime.m - Implements the Workman Translating Time Model to translate time across species

xls2struct.m - Reads Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and returns a structure with fields that were the headers of the data or creates headers for the data

MiscDemo.m - raw misc folder tutorial script


fit.m - Helpful interface to MATLAB's 'fminsearch' function. Performs a non-linear minimization algorithm.

fitcon.m - Helpful interface to MATLAB's 'fmincon' function. Performs a non-linear minimization algorithm within specified constrained boundaries. If problem does not require constraints, use fit.m for efficiency.

Support Function / Dependencies:

FitDemo.m - raw fit/fitcon tutorial script


logx2raw.m - Converts X-axis labels from log to raw values.

logy2raw.m - Converts Y-axis labels from log to raw values.

widen.m - Speads x-axis limits. Designed to pull extreme data points off of the horizontal axes.

subp.m - Breaks the Figure window into an m-by-n matrix of small axes, selects the p-th axes for the current plot with spacing padding around the axes, and returns the axes handle. A variant of MATLAB's subplot.m but with tighter spacing.

tile.m - Tiles MATLAB figures in the monitor in rows starting at the top-left.

PlotDemo.m - raw plotting tutorial script


OpenWindow.m - Calls the Psychtoolbox command Screen('OpenWindow') using a structure convention.

DrawFixation.m - Draws a fixation point (smaller square inside a larger square) in the center of the screen.

angle2pix.m - Converts visual angles in degrees to pixels.

pix2angle.m - Converts monitor pixels into degrees of visual angle.

sec2frame.m - Converts time in seconds to frames.

frame2sec.m - Converts number of frames to time in seconds.

waitTill.m - Waits for a specified amount of time from a starting time. Returns the keys and reaction time pressed during the waiting period.

wait4key.m - Waits for the any specified 'keys' to be pressed.


Creator: Geoffrey Boynton - @gboynton -

Ione Fine - @ionefine -

Kelly Chang - @kellychang4 -

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