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This visualization represents the textbase of women writers online, a collection of 401 electronically-encoded historical texts by women writers. The right-sided visualization shows a holistic view of the collection by genre and publication year. The center visualization is a bipartite network showing the relationship of words and phrases of a particular in-text element to the genre of the text it resides in. Four in-text elements are included in the visualization and are populated by clicking the respective button. The third piece is a list of the texts included in the collection. The intention is that with increased user interaction, the user can filter down to a smaller number of texts and can see them in the right column.


You can see a live demo at or and watch our demo video:

WWOVis Demo Video


  • Open terminal/command prompt.
  • Fork and clone the github repository to your local system in a dedicated folder.
  • Change to the public directory.
  • At the command line, run python -m http.server with the version Python 3.
  • Visit http://localhost:8000/ in your browser.


Sarah Campbell, Zheng-yan Yu, Sarah Connell, and Cody Dunne, "Close and Distant Reading via Named Entity Network Visualization: A Case Study of Women Writers Online", Proc. 3rd Workshop on Visualization for the Digital Humanities. VIS4DH. 2018.


Sarah Campbell, Zheng-yan Yu, Sarah Connell, and Cody Dunne

Northeastern University Data Visualization @ CCIS, College of Art Media and Design, and Digital Scholarship Group.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.


An visual exploration of the Women Writers Online text collection including the top named entities



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