An visual exploration of the Women Writers Online text collection including the top named entities
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This visualization represents the textbase of women writers online, a collection of 401 electronically-encoded historical texts by women writers. The right-sided visualization shows a holistic view of the collection by genre and publication year. The center visualization is a bipartite network showing the relationship of words and phrases of a particular in-text element to the genre of the text it resides in. Four in-text elements are included in the visualization and are populated by clicking the respective button. The third piece is a list of the texts included in the collection. The intention is that with increased user interaction, the user can filter down to a smaller number of texts and can see them in the right column.


You can see a live demo at or and watch our demo video:

WWOVis Demo Video


  • Open terminal/command prompt.
  • Fork and clone the github repository to your local system in a dedicated folder.
  • Change to the public directory.
  • At the command line, run python -m http.server with the version Python 3.
  • Visit http://localhost:8000/ in your browser.


Sarah Campbell, Zheng-yan Yu, Sarah Connell, and Cody Dunne, "Close and Distant Reading via Named Entity Network Visualization: A Case Study of Women Writers Online", Proc. 3rd Workshop on Visualization for the Digital Humanities. VIS4DH. 2018.


Sarah Campbell, Zheng-yan Yu, Sarah Connell, and Cody Dunne

Northeastern University Data Visualization @ CCIS, College of Art Media and Design, and Digital Scholarship Group.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.