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Spindler is a hybrid spindle detection method for EEG that chooses its parameters based on the shape of spindle property surfaces. The toolbox includes a full set of evaluation tools and graphics.

Citing Spindler

The EEG-Spindles toolbox is freely available under the GNU General Public License. Please cite the following publication if using:

Spindler: A framework for parametric analysis and detection of spindles in EEG with application to sleep spindles (2018)
J LaRocco, P Franaszczuk, S Kerick and K Robbins
Journal of Neural Engineering 15(6): 066015 (15pp)

To use

You should have EEGLAB ( in your path. Add the spindler directory and all of its subdirectories to the path. To run, execute the runSpindler in the main directory after adjusting the directory path. The runSpindler assumes that the EEG is in EEGLAB .set format and that event files are in a separate directory and have the same filename but the .mat file extension. Event files should contain an events variable holding a two column array of start and end times of the events.


Version 2.0.0 Released 07/08/2018

  • Reorganized toolbox and generalized parameter curves


Version 2.0.1 Released 03/14/2019

  • Corrected return value order on spindler.
  • Changed the field name spindlerCurves to parameterCurves.


This research was sponsored by the Army Research Laboratory and was accomplished under Cooperative Agreement Number W911NF-10-2-0022. The views and conclusions contained in this document are those of the authors and should not be interpreted as representing the official policies, either expressed or implied, of the Army Research Laboratory or the U.S. Government. The U.S. Government is authorized to reproduce and distribute reprints for Government purposes notwithstanding any copyright notation herein.


Toolbox for detecting alpha and sleep spindles in EEG




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