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Fixed get_server_news error handling

"response.code" should be "response.status_code"

In which circumstance is this reached?

This error generated an exception causing vistrails to close.
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rexissimus committed Jun 9, 2016
1 parent dd51277 commit c76c109349769fee1280f85c22678380a2f9cd39
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@@ -265,7 +265,7 @@ def get_server_news():
'304 File is up to date, no data returned',
except requests.RequestException, e:
if not e.response or e.response.code != 304:
if not e.response or e.response.status_code != 304:
debug.warning("Can't download server news", e)

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commented on c76c109 Jul 6, 2016

Bug is only triggered after 1244feb, which is post 2.2.4. The released version shouldn't be affected.

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