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Dump DPMT projects to Trello.
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  • Dumps DPMT projects to Trello.
  • The goal is to have a better user interface for selecting the project.
  • All of this code is dirty shit that should have never been written. Sorry.
  • It might not work for you. Sorry. Try debugging it.

Setting up

  1. Clone this repository git clone

  2. Login to

  3. Copy the cookies to a new file cookie.txt in the same repository. The content of the file should be similar to file cookie_example.txt.

  4. Get your API keys for trello -

  5. Export keys to shell:

    export TRELLO_API_KEY=asxasx
    export TRELLO_API_SECRET=asxjasxnjasnx
    export PROJECT_NAME=minf_project
  6. Install requirements: pip3 install -r requirements.txt

  7. run python3

    • the script will report any projects for which adding failed, add these manually.
  8. the script will save all projects that it added - therefore you should run it every few days after people add new projects, you will likely need to get new cookie though.

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