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##Musicode - Tangible version## The successor to Musicode v0.1, this is the version that was aimed to be a tangible toy for programming music, but fell shrot in a few aspects. Look at the previous version's site for some background, if you feel like it.

There's a cursory video here going through some of the programmed questions, and only via the GUI, showing the functionalities provided for in the interface so far.

A detailed entry of how to use it, is described in the document notes.pdf. The document musicode.doc is the project report submitted for the 6th semester Design Project course of ours (where it was renamed to the nicer sounding Note Code). The executables in the application.macosx or application.windows32 should allow you to use the GUI part of the application with your normal keyboard, without requiring Processing, ideally. The tangible part, as described in the documents, was eventually just a MaKeyMaKey sending keyboard commands to the program, so you're not missing out on much except for easy to understand labeling on the buttons.


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